Meet Mark Fleming – Nossi’s Commercial Illustration Coordinator

Nossi illustration coordinator

Mark Fleming is the Commercial Illustration Program Coordinator for Nossi College of Art. As an art student, Mark Fleming earned the Best Portfolio award and he has been excelling in the art industry ever since. His experience utilizes his commercial illustration expertise while adding a graphic design element because illustrators can master a variety of skills to increase career opportunities.

Mark is a painter, graphic designer, musician, and mentor. As a program coordinator, his goal is to influence the next generation of commercial artists. Nossi College’s Commercial Illustration program was recently recognized by Animation Career Review as the Top Illustration program in the State of Tennessee, Top 3 Illustration program in South, and among the top 40 in the United States. Read Mark’s Animation Career Review interview to learn how Mark influences Nossi’s Commercial Illustration program.

Q&A with Mark Fleming

Nossi College of Art: What was your first non-creative job?
Mark Fleming: Deliverying flowers.

Nossi: Phone app you can’t live without?
MF: My MP3 player.

Nossi: If we caught you jamming alone in a classroom, what would you be listening to?
MF: A wide variety from progressive alternative bands like Dream Theatre, The Cure, The Fixx, Marvin Gaye to Chill music.

Nossi: What was your first creative job
MF: I was an apprentice artist that created lots of things from graphic design, illustration, print production, line art, and I even used a STAT CAMERA.

Nossi: Is there something you wish you’d known or is there something you wish you had done differently starting out?
MF: Yes! I wish I knew how to communicate with people one-on-one more effectively. Back then, I was way to shy, naive, introverted to name a few. Once I understood how to even meet new people and communicate effectively, it made such a difference in everything.

Nossi: How often do you create something new? 
MF: A few times a week.

Nossi: What is the best way to get your foot in the door with a company you want to work for?
MF: Research them and understand their business model. Identify key players within the company. Start your approach with a letter or email. Then I would keep finding a way until I got to speak with someone directly.

Nossi: If you could trade places with any living person for a week, famous or not, with whom would it be?
MF: I would trade with Jeff Bezos. When you make a million per hour, every day, seven days a week that is insane. I could spoil my kids, family, friends, and help a lot of people in one week.

Nossi: Why are you a teacher at an art school? 
MF: Because I AM an artist. I live and breathe art. So it is a true blessing for me to teach and work with the new generation of artists. They come in to the school with new creative ideas, hungry to show the world what their vision is all about. It is very inspiring to me and it becomes a solid circle.

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