Introducing Lab Assistants – Free Student Service

Nossi College of Art heard your feedback and we are eager to help students who may want a student mentor or tutor to help students better comprehend certain subjects. It is beneficial to work with fellow students through struggles because it is beneficial you are not going through the struggles alone, and it is good to talk with a peer about becoming a better creative.

Nossi student labs are a FREE student service available to anyone wanting peer feedback and assistance.

Are you taking a creative class this semester and you don’t understand the assignment?
Are you taking a gen ed class and need help?
Are you unsure how to complete the project?
Are you looking to enhance or refine the skills you already have?

Nossi College has lab assistants who can assist in the following areas:
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Lightroom
– Adobe InDesign
– UX Design or UI Design
– Advertising Illustration
– Book Publishing
– General Education Courses
– Motion Graphics
– Typography

Nossi students can connect directly with Lab Assistants through email or social media. Sessions will be both one-on-one and available in a group setting. If you have a few friends that need help, we can gather you together and attend a group session.

Become a Lab Assistant

Connecting with Nossi College of Art and becoming a lab assistant is a great way to get some ‘real-world’ experience, help you manage your time, it looks great on resumes, and it sounds even better when you discuss it in interviews.

If you enjoy a specific subject or find a certain subject matter easy to understand, please consider helping out your peers! Sign up and become a lab assistant by connecting with our Student Services Office!

Lab assistants make their own schedules and students reach out to you directly via email or social media.

Become a Lab Assistant (you get paid!), click here.

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