Five Ways to Maximize Your College Experience

So you’ve arrived at college, now what?


Don’t let your college years seem daunting. College should be something you look back on and smile about as you think about how you matured and grew into your true identity. As a senior, I look back on simple things I did to really make my experience fun and valuable because I got involved and met some amazing people.

Check out my five pieces of advice for incoming college students:

#1-Student Groups

Student leaders gather to discuss Media Day, a day where photographers and designers collaborate on a fashion project. 

I joined a couple of student groups in my freshman year and it was very valuable. I met a bunch of people who I’m still friends with 4 years later. It’s so comforting to walk around campus and always see a familiar face! At Nossi, I get to connect with these student groups:



  1. NossiMICS – A Music and Entertainment Group
  2. Kappa Pi Eta Tau – International Honorary Art Society for Academic Student Leaders
  3. Colors Club – Nossi’s LGBT student group
  4. The Fashion Collective – Connects creative to Nashville growing fashion industry
  5. The Drawing Board – Group for sequential and animation artists

#2- Networking

Is this you when it’s time to talk to strangers 👇👇👇

Networking can appear awkward at first making it easy to avoid the situation altogether! Conversational skills are learned over time, so going to meet-ups and job fairs is a great place to start.

GOAL: Meet one stranger and share a business card.

This will be one of the most valuable skills to build upon because networking is your ally. Take opportunities to talk with a business professional (couple be a teacher, advisor, mentor or guest speaker) because you never know where that connection will take you.

#3- Internships

I STRONGLY recommend completing one internship by the time you become a Junior. Not only does it look good on your resume, you can also get valuable experience in the real world! The classroom can only teach you so much, so it’s important to seek out opportunities to get hands-on experience. Personally, Nossi College of Art’s marketing internships is my third one.

#4- Volunteering/community service

There is a special feeling, deep into your spirit that is brought out by volunteering your time and helping your community. You will feel great inside and you will meet friends. Be careful though, volunteering one time can be contagious. I have found, when you help the world around you, it puts a smile on your face, and that is a feeling you will want to repeat.

#5- Get outside your comfort zone

The most exciting things happen when you are living without fear and trying to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Getting out there and experiencing all that the world has to offer you is what life is all about. Go out there and push yourself! I personally have done each of these steps and it truly helped me be comfortable in different surroundings. Ultimately, you just have to have an inner motivation for your future.

I hope these tips have helped you, and remember to make the most out of every opportunity that comes your way.

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