Congrats to our 2012 Fall Semester Award Winners!

During family and friends night at Nossi College of Art, graduates invite family, friends and supporters to their Senior Portfolio Show. Students get a chance to pat themselves on the back because they made it through college and are on their way to graduation – excited to be entering the professional arena. During the show, Ms. Nossi and Cyrus Vatandoost (president and vice president) announce semester award winners in four categories: Most Creative, Most Class Participation, Most Improved and Talent Discovery.

To be nominated, Nossi professors choose students who best fit each category. Nossi only employs adjunct professors, who are active in Nashville’s creative community. Students consider it an honor to be hand selected by their professors to win a semester award, especially the top honor of Talent Discovery. Students who win Talent Discovery get $400 in addition to being recognized as top creative in a school brimming with artistic talents.

All together, 120 students were nominated for four different awards. Several students were nominated for multiple awards. Congrats to the following winners:

Most Class Participation

Meagan McCoy – Illustration

Jonathan Wesenberg – Photo/Video

Most Improved

Pedro Gonzalez – Interactive Graphic Design

Darby Clay – Photography

Most Creative

Eli Draughn – Illustration

Caitlin Harris – Photo/Video

Talent Discovery

Dwayne Myers – Photography

Brenna Hicks – Illustration

View slideshow of the professional portfolio review and the winners.