What You Need to Know About Scholarships at Nossi

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What you need to know about scholarships at Nossi!

If you’re like me and 85% of other college students financial aid is key to attending college*. Learning about all the scholarships and how to apply can seem daunting, but don’t worry! I’ve made it easier for you.

At Nossi, Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. Financial Aid programs include Federal Pell Grants, Direct Loan Programs, Social Security and United States Department of Veterans Affairs programs, Tennessee Student Assistant Awards and Federal Direct (Parent) PLUS loans. Even after reading this, you can get EVEN MORE help from our financial aid office site by scheduling a one on one meeting!

Step 1: FAFSA

The very first thing you have to do to receive any financial aid is to fill out a FAFSA. This is so both the government and the school know how much assistance you really need. It’s pretty easy to fill out. If you are a dependent of your parents you will need their tax information for the previous year (think their W2). You can access the FAFSA site here and when prompted, enter Nossi College’s code: 017347

After you submit the FAFSA, the school and the government will be notified of the amount you/your family can contribute to your education and will reach out to you with more info based on your individual need.

Step 2: Learn about the Nossi Hope Scholarship

What is the Nossi Hope Scholarship?
The Nossi Hope Scholarship is similar to the Tennessee Hope Scholarship and is designed to reward you for your hard work and high academics! When a student earns a 3.0 GPA and/or a 21 on their ACT exam, the student will automatically be eligible for the Nossi Hope Scholarship. A Nossi Hope Scholarship recipient must be a Tennessee high school graduate to qualify. For other out-of-state scholarship options for high school, transfer, adult and Nossi alumni students visit our Scholarship page to check out exclusive scholarships created for you.

How much is the Nossi Hope Scholarship?
Nossi Hope Scholarship offers up to $6,963 over 11 semesters at $633 per semester guaranteed for those who qualify. This is a really good financial resource for you if you qualify. Take advantage of it.

Step 3: Get your ducks in a row by making a Checklist

Step 4: Learn about the Nossi Promise Scholarship

What is a Nossi Promise Scholarship?
Nossi offers a two-year Promise Scholarship for Bachelor degree-seeking students. Nossi College of Art wants to ensure talented students, who want to pursue an arts education, are presented with the best opportunity for higher education. This scholarship is automatically given to students who qualify for the Tennessee Promise. This scholarship is open to all Tennessee residents who are a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen, graduating from an eligible high school and enrolling in college no later than the subsequent Fall semester following graduation. (This is not available for students who decide to take a gap year, FYI!)

How much is the Nossi Promise Scholarship?
The Nossi Promise is a scholarship offering eligible students at $334 per semester for up to six semesters.

Who is eligible for the Nossi Promise Scholarship?
All Tennessee residents who are a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen, graduating from an eligible high school, homeschool or pass the GED/HISET exams (prior to your 19th birthday).


Additional Scholarship Q&A

Can you receive the Nossi Promise Scholarship and the Nossi Hope scholarship?
No, students can’t receive both the Nossi Promise and the Nossi Hope Scholarship. If a student is eligible for the Nossi Hope Scholarship it will take precedence since it is a larger amount.

Can you receive the Nossi Promise or the Hope Scholarship in addition to other outside scholarships?
Yes! You can combine any outside scholarships with the Nossi Promise or the Nossi Hope Scholarship but not both. I would definitely search for as many scholarships as possible to maximize your financial aid! A really good website to check out and find a TON of scholarships is FastWeb. Here, you can filter and find specific scholarships just for you.

Can you receive the Nossi Promise or the Nossi Hope Scholarship in addition to other internal Nossi Scholarships?
Yes and No. Students can combine the Nossi Promise or the Nossi Hope Scholarship with the Presidential or Mahtabahn Scholarship.
Possible Scholarship Options:
 Nossi Promise and Presidential OR Nossi Promise and the Mahtabahn
 Nossi Hope and Presidential OR Nossi Hope and Mahtabahn

The deadline for students to submit for the Presidential and Mahtabahn scholarships is April 15th for high school graduates entering Nossi in the Fall.

Are you ready to apply? Head over here and get started. Have a few more questions? No worries, simply email our admissions director or asks questions directly on nossi.edu Ask a Question form!


Source * for Financial Aid Stat

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