Nashville Wolves Soccer Game

Nossi College of Art Photography students will cover game play between the Nashville Wolves and Alabama F.C in a soccer match at St. Cecilia Academy located in Nashville. Tickets are available at door. Directions to the field are located here.

American Lung Association- Fight For Air Walk

A Nossi College of art student will be capturing the images from this walking event taking place in Public square park in the heart of Nashville.

Student Spotlight: Mary Sullivan

WRITTEN BY: intern extraordinaire

Mary Sullivan, a successful and prolific illustrator, has cultivated a love for art that is fed by her natural curiosity. Mary’s unique artistic perspective embodies a confluence of interests, spanning the fields of philosophy, history and aesthetics. I had the opportunity to speak with Mary and learn more about her influences, work experience and plans for the future. The following are highlights from my interview with Mary. What led you to begin illustrating? What inspires you to create things? I started drawing when I was about 5, drew lots of horses, and over time I discovered you could be an artist and study it as an adult. I haven’t really wanted to do anything else since (other than figure skating and being an astronaut, but those never worked out). Up until I was 20, I didn’t really consider studying illustration or commercial arts. I love ideas in philosophy and aesthetics, and I think that has contributed to my desire to create what I think are beautiful things… maybe in hopes I can make the world better the more I perfect my craft. This desire for ideals and love of stories have combined to make me an illustrator. I loved art history and studying the Masters; but I realized I may not be cut out for just fine art as time went on. I am a perfectionist who loves creating characters and stories. I’ve always been a big reader, and I like to tell stories with my pictures in addition to drawing and painting. Once I realized this, I…

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