How to get work, out of your networks

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Make it Pop Creations, developed in 2012 by Kevin Kazluaskas, was a freelance-for-hire business looking for additional clients, fresh talent and a permanent space to call home. Luckily, in 2015, their East Nashville landlord, Christian Paro, was looking to build an expansive studio with advances in equipment, technology and offering a huge space for projects and collaboration. Just before the business growth, Grant Carpenter joined Make It Pop’s team and discovered his professional life after Nossi College of Art.   As a student sitting in Music Video class, Grant was encouraged by his teacher to find local bands to partner with and produce a music video for a final grade. Working with a Nashville band is not only beneficial for students and their professional growth, but it allows musicians and artists access to great, affordable videos. This class allowed Grant to collaborate with the Funkonauts, which in turn introduced him to Kevin of Make It Pop. Nashville FC | Introduction from Make It Pop Creations on Vimeo. Nashville is a network-driven city where one introduction can change your career. After showcasing what he learned in class, Kevin took Grant under his wing and they have been producing amazing videos ever since. Grant was hired as Director of Photography and enjoys heading in to a creative workspace every day of the week. When he isn’t operating the camera equipment for a shoot or sculpting light on set, he is helping with postproduction work before sending video to Make It Pop’s animator….

Get Cultured: An Pop-Up Art Show

Join us on Thursday, July 21 from 7-9pm for a pop-up art show featuring four of Nashville’s premier visual artists: Troy Duff, Stephen Watkins, Brian Wooden, and Jake Elliott. Be one of the first to see and experience their latest work, ranging from fine graffiti to 8-foot charcoal portraits – pieces you won’t find in any traditional gallery. This is a free event, and we encourage you to support local artists and Southern Word by purchasing art or by making a donation to this worthy cause. With your generosity, we can enable more spoken word school residencies, after-school workshops, and youth performances; and, ultimately, liberate more students through the power of expression.

Shooting with Sweet Creations Bakery

Sweet creations bakery is having a grand re opening on June 21st. First dibs on this awesome event go to Travel Photography students that worked closely with this bakery last semester. Great opportunity to mingle and pass out your business cards!

International Puppet Festival Parade

There are photos needed leading up to the parade from May 31 to June 10. If you are interested in learning more, please inquire. I will have better idea of official dates soon. This is a great opportunity to work on a photo story. This event will take place at the Nashville Public Library.

Fall Semester Starts Sept 9

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