Robert Blake Guest Speaker at Nossi College

About Robert Blake: After Art School, Robert made art for filmstrips (Listening Library). That’s how he learned to paint quickly. And newspapers (Daily Record, Observer Tribune). That’s how he learned about patterns of dark and light. And phonics sheets (Macmillan Ed.). Where he learned about characters. And textbooks (just about every publisher making them). He learned about creating art for odd shaped spaces. And Young Adult book covers, where he learned about rendering. Read more about Robert and view his creative work here.  Robert is a successful illustrator who will be talking with Nossi College of Art students about Book Publishing. All Nossi students are welcome to attend. 

Life Outside the Classroom: Books Published by Nossi Faculty

WRITTEN BY: intern extraordinaire

One of the unique aspects about Nossi is that we stack our faculty with instructors who are also professional artists. Aside from teaching students, Nossi’s accomplished instructors spend time cultivating their passion for creative expression. In fact, instructors at Nossi have received numerous accolades and awards for self-published books. Recognize the talent of Nossi’s faculty by paging through the following books in the library: A Place for Turtles is a children’s book illustrated by Barbara Higgins Bond. Readers will learn about the different kinds of turtles, their ecosystems and how people can help protect their environment. The Nossi Illustration instructor has illustrated close to 40 books throughout her career. Golden Days, by Nossi English and Literature instructor Judith Broadbent, is a collection of stories and poems from the South. Dr. Judy Klass’ Au Pair Girl is a novel about a teenage girl who spends a month as a nanny for a family at their summer vacation home. Dr. Klass also wrote Star Trek: The Cry of the Onlies for science fiction fans who learn how Captain Kirk deals with ghosts from his past to prevent a war. Dr. Klass teaches History of Western Civilization at Nossi. Dr. Byron Edwards, Nossi’s Vice President of Academic Affairs, wrote three fiction novels that can be found in the LRC. Lips explores the life of Elvis Presley while he is on the run from law enforcement with his “cousin.” Dawn tells the story of a couple who were separated for two decades before reuniting and marrying. Four teenage…

Student Spotlight: Mary Sullivan

WRITTEN BY: intern extraordinaire

Mary Sullivan, a successful and prolific illustrator, has cultivated a love for art that is fed by her natural curiosity. Mary’s unique artistic perspective embodies a confluence of interests, spanning the fields of philosophy, history and aesthetics. I had the opportunity to speak with Mary and learn more about her influences, work experience and plans for the future. The following are highlights from my interview with Mary. What led you to begin illustrating? What inspires you to create things? I started drawing when I was about 5, drew lots of horses, and over time I discovered you could be an artist and study it as an adult. I haven’t really wanted to do anything else since (other than figure skating and being an astronaut, but those never worked out). Up until I was 20, I didn’t really consider studying illustration or commercial arts. I love ideas in philosophy and aesthetics, and I think that has contributed to my desire to create what I think are beautiful things… maybe in hopes I can make the world better the more I perfect my craft. This desire for ideals and love of stories have combined to make me an illustrator. I loved art history and studying the Masters; but I realized I may not be cut out for just fine art as time went on. I am a perfectionist who loves creating characters and stories. I’ve always been a big reader, and I like to tell stories with my pictures in addition to drawing and painting. Once I realized this, I…

Jacob Rhoades’ Authentic Design

WRITTEN BY: intern extraordinaire

Coming from a long line of artists, painters and craftsmen, Jacob Rhoades has always viewed creative expression as one of life’s necessities. Jacob is a graphic designer and illustrator who has migrated from Music City USA to Los Angeles, where he currently works full time for LonelyPlanet, the world’s largest travel guide book publisher. In his free time, Jacob creates branding and packaging designs for a wide variety of well-known clients, including the Army National Guard and Tanastica. Jacob’s work is recognized on a national level; in recent years, big players in the creative industry have lauded his forward-thinking approach to design. Most notably, his MTL Co. project won several Silver Addy Awards and was featured in Print Magazine’s Regional Design Annual 2013. Ultimately, what Jacob admires most is authenticity, and his artwork captures the aesthetic honesty he strives for. Jacob has several tidbits of advice for Nossi Students: Have design heroes (ONLY compare your work to the professionals!) Be likeable and have great work ethic Network on sites like dribbble, behance and instagram Take an internship! You will quickly acquire knowledge of how the graphic design business works Love what you do! Make sure your portfolio is always on point – in print or online! View more of Jacob’s work here.

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