Creativity Requires the Courage to Let Go of Certainties.

Erich Fromm

You may be experiencing a level of stress not encountered before due to continual coverage of the coronavirus and the impact it has had on your daily life and routine.

You may feel isolated, especially since many artists are collaborators and group thinkers. The Nossi community is here for you, and we will get through this together. It is important to know you aren’t alone. We want to remind you, you are one of over 300 students, faculty, and staff going through similar experiences, and we need to rely on each other for support.

As we move forward, we have heard questions and comments from student conversations, social media, and the Internet. Some of your questions are difficult to answer. Some may not have an answer until we learn more about the coronavirus in the coming weeks. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and we want to be as transparent as we can. If you have additional questions not listed below, please reach out to Libby Funke at Nossi so she can find an answer for you.

As far as we are aware, Nossi College still has ZERO cases of the coronavirus within the immediate community. If you have tested positive or you know a student or faculty member who has, please contact Dr. Edwards immediately.

To view the answer, simply select a question below.

Is Campus open?


Our campus is closed to the general public. However, for Nossi students who need access to computers, the Internet, or photo/video studios to complete projects and assignments, we have established a policy allowing you to visit campus, use the college’s facilities, and still never be within six feet of anyone else. You received an email from both administration and Dr. Edwards detailing this policy and the rules that make it work.

Nossi College received approval from Metro Government to implement this policy. This access is limited to current students ONLY, and a reservation must be made in advance. A student is NOT allowed on campus without a reservation made in advance. You can call 615-514-2787 to schedule your appointment.

Will we finish the Spring Semester online?

Yes, we plan to continue with online classes through finals week in April. We know this is not the answer you want to hear, but we want to continue to protect the Nossi community from spreading the coronavirus. The best way to do that is to maintain our social distancing.

Our goal is to start the summer semester back on campus – so continue your healthy practices so we can get back to a normal schedule as soon as possible.

How will attendance be taken?

What we are going to count as attendance, is any participation by a student in the class. It could mean turning in a project, communicating with your instructor, or attending a video conference.

Anything a student does in class will count as attendance for that week. HOWEVER, if a student does absolutely nothing — if your instructor does NOT hear from you for the entire week — then that would be an absence.

Nossi wants to take the pressure away from students regarding attendance. Please concentrate on your assignments and projects, participate in online activities, work on your assignments, ask questions of your Instructors (that will count as attendance) and let’s all get through this!

I have unreliable Internet at times. Will I be at fault if it cuts out during the online class tutorials and explanations?

No, students who are trying to participate but, due to technical issues, are unable to fully participate, will not be penalized. Many instructors are providing copies of classroom instruction on Moodle, and that instruction will be available to all students throughout the upcoming weeks. It is important to stay in contact with your instructors if you have questions or concerns.

You should consider calling your cell phone provider because many of them are offering FREE data, waiving fees, and offering other services during this pandemic. View what mobile service providers are offering their customers.

What kind of repercussions will I face if I miss a video conference?

IF your class requires a video conference, it is expected that students will participate in a Skype or Zoom conferencing session during normal class times. Both of these video chat programs are available to Nossi students at no charge. If a student does not know how to connect, that student should contact their department coordinator. NOT ALL CLASSES are requiring a video conference, FYI.

Many of these conferences offer a phone capability (if you cannot connect with your laptop). Many mobile carriers are offering FREE data, waiving fees, and offering other services during this pandemic. View what mobile service providers are offering their customers, and you may be able to connect with your phone.

TIP: Be sure you are logging into your video conference early, as that will allow you to troubleshoot before instruction begins.

Is Nossi still offering Tutoring Assitance?

YES! We are excited to say that our Student Services department is currently working with tutors to help students on a per-project basis. We hope to launch this service by March 31. If you need assistance or you want to be a virtual tutor, please email Rachel Dewaal to get started.

Will we move forward with finals?

Yes! We plan on moving forward with finals, and we are working with Instructors now to see the best way to implement this.

Plan to take a final exam, submit a final project, or write a final essay for each class.

Will we move forward with our Senior Show in April?

We will have the Senior Portfolio Show in some format. It probably will not be open to the public. Students who are scheduled to graduate in April will do so, as long as they have passed all their classes. Student awards will be given for the spring semester, although we may have to mail them.

At this time, we do not know in what manner the Senior Show and Mock Interviews will take place. It all depends upon the coronavirus timeline. We will have a more complete answer by early April, and we are looking at ways to provide a meaningful Portfolio Show for our Spring grads.

I do not have the equipment I need at home to complete assignments.

Each class is set up differently, and if you are unable to complete a task, you must connect with your instructor immediately. This allows us to solve your problem before it is too late. We are offering alternative assignments for students to complete coursework this semester to earn your grade.

Also, Nossi is giving limited access to campus if you need Internet, computer, or studio access. Call 615-514-2787 to see about availability.

I do not have access to Adobe Programs on my laptop at home.

Nossi received some great news from Adobe! They are giving all home access for FREE to anyone in the Nossi network. To receive instructions to access free Adobe programs while working from home, simply log into Moodle or the Student Portal to download instructions.

I need help with food.

We want to provide a few resources based on your current food needs.

If you are looking for takeout or delivery. Crave @ Nossi is offering family meals and NashvilleGuru is a local website highlighting all the restaurants that are currently offering To Go orders.

We have a limited food pantry on campus to help housing students. If you need to help stock your pantry between paychecks or because you may have lost your job, please reach out to Mitzi or Roger to coordinate access. If they are unavailable, you can also email or connect with Rachel Dewaal.

If you need recipes because you are out of ideas, check out this article, 30 Recipes for College Students.

I am worried about my financial future.

Financial stress can be the biggest strain on our health and well-being. We want to try and offer some resources to help with stability.
1. If you lost your job, there are several local companies actively hiring. Barry Howard in Nossi’s Career Services office can help you every step of the way. We know our students working in food, beverage, entertainment, culture, and retail are really feeling a direct impact. Here are a few places that are actively hiring with links to job postings:

Kroger | Amazon | Aldi | Papa Johns | Grub Hub Driver | Uber Eats | Domino’s | Marco’s Pizza

TIP: File for unemployment as well to see about getting supplemental checks until you can find a new job.

2. If you need help with payments, whether you have a car payment, mortgage payment, rent due, credit card bill due, or something else, call your loan provider immediately. Many of them are offering reduced interest rates, late payment acceptance, or are pushing out due dates.

Also, many utility companies are suspending cutoffs during this time, so call them immediately if you will struggle to pay your bill. You can also sign a petition to encourage the government to take action.

Mortgage Help: We have learned in the last 24 hours that many banks are allowing people to skip mortgage payments for up to 90 days. It is extremely important to reach out to your bank, as they may offer you a longer grace period.

Credit Card Help: Like with mortgage assistance, to receive help, you must contact your credit card provider.

What are our plans for next semester? 

Our plan is to start classes on campus on May 11. Hopefully, better solutions will be discovered in the next month to fight this virus.

However, IF the situation requires us to do so, we will continue to offer summer semester courses online. Ideally, it will only be for a couple of weeks to get the semester started. We really do not expect that we will have to begin the summer semester online. We want to get back to normal in May. That is why it is extremely important to follow the Mayor’s Stay-At-Home order, practice social distancing, and regularly wash and dry your hands.

What are we doing about graduation?

At the moment, we still plan to hold graduation on Saturday, June 6 at Goodpasture, right down the road from Nossi College. We will continue to monitor local, regional, and national news and expert-opinions before deciding how best to proceed with this important event. As soon as we know something specific about June’s graduation ceremony, we will let everyone know via email notification.

AHHHHHH, I’m just stressed and not sure what to do.

It is okay to feel stress at the moment, but you do not want that stress to dictate your life and happiness over the coming weeks. Giving in to your stress will affect your productivity, depression, anxiety, and overall wellbeing. It is time to accept the situation we are in and maintain a social distancing routine recommended by professionals.

But know this is temporary. Repeat that out loud, it can help, “this is temporary, this is not forever.”

Here are a few resources to help out as well. Have you discovered something helpful for you? Let us know so we can add it to our list!

1. Teleconference with Horn Counseling. Reid is an experienced mental health professional and we are proud to have him be part of the Nossi family. Utilize his resources. Even if you have never met with Reid, consider doing so in the next 30 days.

2. CREATE – studies have shown that taking at least 45 minutes per day to create can reduce your stress levels. Have you ever complained or thought “there is just not enough time in the day to get it all done?” We have now all been blessed with more time, so take advantage of it while you can. Turn stressful energy into creative energy and share what you are creating!

3. Breathe deep and consider mindful meditation. Don’t know where to get started, consider one of these apps.

4. Get a group chat started. Using Facebook Live, a Messenger platform, or text your friends. Even if you cannot be around people physically, it is important to see the faces of your family and friends. Consider downloading an app with video features (WhatsApp, TikTok, SnapChat, Marco Polo, GroupMe) and stay connected. Remember – it is social isolation, not social elimination.

5. Maintain a healthy diet, exercise when you can, and get good rest. These may seem like easy tasks, but sticking to a routine to ensure you accomplish these steps every day is important.


If I owe the school money, how should I pay for it?

We have limited staff working at the college, so you can call between the hours of 9 AM and 1 PM to pay for your tuition over the phone. If you prefer, you can also mail a check to Rachel Dewaal’s attention: 590 Creative Way, Nashville, TN 37115.

If you have questions on concerns, please call us! Nossi’s phone number is 615-514-2787.

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