Nossi & the Coronavirus

(Updated Wednesday, September 30):

COVID, Nashville, & Phase 3

Starting on Thursday, October 1, Nashville will move into Phase 3 meaning:

Nossi College of Art will continue to:
– Only host Nossi-related events on campus. We are currently not allowing outside events access to campus as this helps reduce the number of people on campus.
– Continue our mask mandate of wearing masks in public areas on campus. We have increased the number of classes we are offering this fall in addition to socially distanced classroom space. Therefore, masks in the classroom are still optional but highly recommended.
– All students, faculty, and staff will still need to get their temperatures checked at the front lobby or student lounge before entering campus.
– Disinfectant is available for anyone to check out at no cost, and hand sanitizing as well as hand washing stations are found in multiple places around campus.
– We have updated a few campus policies, see our updated gallery of campus safety procedures.

For complete Fall-related COVID details, please continue reading below.

(Updated Monday, August 17):.

COVID-19 + Fall 2020

Nossi College of Art spent multiple weeks this summer working through a variety of scenarios for the fall semester start date. We appreciate your patience as we work through these fluid circumstances.

Nossi College of Art is unveiling two plans, our main plan and a backup plan as we move toward the Fall 2020 Semester.

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Main Fall Plan | Backup Plan | Moodle Week | Fall Attendance Policy | Student & Faculty Safety Procedures | Campus Safety Procedures | Student Housing

Breakout Zoom Meetings

We created a zoom meeting for each department to discuss our Fall Plans and answer your questions.

Students are highly encouraged to attend to have your questions and concerns heard by Nossi administration and program coordinators. These sessions will be recorded and shared for anyone who cannot attend.


Zoom details emailed to your inbox.

Web & Interactive + Graphic Design

Friday, July 24 at 11:30 AM | Talk with Cyrus Vatandoost, Mark Mabry, and Rachel Dewaal + students in the Web & Graphic programs

Commercial Illustration

Friday, July 24 at 2 PM | Talk with Cyrus Vatandoost, Mark Fleming, and Rachel Dewaal + students in the Commercial Illustration program


Monday, July 27 at 3 PM | Talk with Cyrus Vatandoost, Tom Stanford, and Rachel Dewaal + students in the Photo program

Video & Film

Monday, July 27 at 12:30 PM | Talk with Cyrus Vatandoost, Hans Chilberg, Tom Stanford, and Rachel Dewaal + students in the Photo and Video programs

Faculty & Staff

Friday, July 24 at 3:30 PM | Talk with Cyrus Vatandoost and Dr. Byron Edwards to get additional questions answered.

Nossi’s fall plan

The fall semester begins the week of September 8. Monday is the Labor Day Holiday, and the campus will be closed.

Some classes will be conducted online while the rest will be conducted on campus, depending on the degree program and class needs – full class breakout below. Online classes offered are courses your coordinator, along with our administration, believe can be held to the same high standard as our on-campus classes.

Nossi College of Art will accommodate all students with prior health conditions. Rachel Dewaal in Student Services along with Mindy Gilbert will contact students with prior health conditions to discuss your fall options.

Student options

  • Enroll full time and attend classes as designated below. Some classes will remain online while others, requiring a more hands-on approach, will be held on campus.
  • Discuss taking fewer classes to limit your time on campus with Financial Aid. Schedule your appointment.
  • Students with prior health conditions will be contacted directly by our team to talk about solutions.

Fall classes taking place on campus will ONLY MOVE ONLINE if we move into our Backup Plan (listed below) OR if an instructor contracts COVID-19 and a sub cannot be found in time. Detailed information will be emailed and added to Moodle as quickly as we can.

Fall Class Plan by Degree Program

>>Photography and Video Departments

Approved courses for online instruction include:

  • VF280 Business of Videography II

Due to the nature of these degree programs and the amount of collaboration taking place, a majority of these classes will be held on campus starting Tuesday, September 8.

>>Web & Interactive Departments

Due to the nature of this degree program, ALL classes will be offered online for the fall semester.

>>Commercial Illustration Department

Due to the nature of this degree program, all classes EXCEPT for L400 Stock Art Illustration will be held on campus.

Stock Art Illustration will be held online due to the business-nature of the class and to help reduce the number of students on campus.  

>>Graphic Design Media Department

Approved courses for online instruction include:

  • GD420 Capstone
  • BU450 Portfolio – expect limited in-person meetings to discuss portfolios         
  • GD460 Art Direction
  • GD340 Graphic Design Media
  • GD460 Advertising Art Direction
  • MG360 Advanced Motion Graphics
  • PD380 Publication Design

All other Graphic Design classes will be held on campus.

>>General Education department

Approved courses for online instruction:

  • Psychology
  • English II – one class on campus, one class online
  • History of Western Civilization
  • Literature

All other general education classes will be held on campus.


This is a temporary change in our policy.

If students are ill with COVID-19 or with flu-related symptoms, they must stay home to stay safe.

Immediately notify your instructor via email or Moodle and turn in homework assignments on deadline. When deemed appropriate, students who are sick with coronavirus or the flu will be excused and counted present. A doctor’s note will not be required.

If a student tests positive for COVID-19, they will be instructed to stay home for two weeks, focus on getting better, and they can return to campus after their 14-day quarantine or when they test negative.

  • If your class is campus-based, you will miss class and have to make up any missed work.
  • If your class is online, you can continue attending online.
  • Students WILL NOT be counted absent due to COVID-19 or flu-related symptoms IF they communicate and accomplish the work required by the deadline.

If you are not sick or you do not have an excuse to miss class, you earn a non-excused absence. This absence will be counted toward the class absent policy (reminder, you get 3 absences per semester).

Non-excused absences are regarded as:

  1. NO communication with your instructor or the Student Services Director (Rachel Dewaal)
  2. Not turning in assignments by the deadline as requested by your instructor
  3. Missing classes when you are not sick.

Fall Moodle Week

Moodle week will take place during Thanksgiving week (Nov 23-27) this fall. Only three weeks will remain once we return in December. The plan is to continue with our Main Plan for the remainder of the semester after Moodle Week.

In early November, we will re-evaluate the option of moving classes online if there are health concerns.

Student Housing + Fall Orientation

If you have any questions related to orientation or student housing, please contact our Admissions Director, Mitzi Hatfield by emailing or calling her (615-514-2787).

Mitzi’s office hours:
Monday – Thursday from 9 AM to 6 PM
Fridays from 9 AM to 4 PM
Weekends by appointment only

Student and Faculty Safety Measures

Here are just a few of the ways we plan to keep the Nossi Community safe this fall.

  1. FREE disinfectant is available for anyone to check out with your Nossi ID. We encourage students to use this free resource.
  2. Wearing masks in the common areas will be required this fall. Wearing masks in the classroom will continue to be optional because we can social distance in our classrooms.
  3. We will continue to limit guest speakers and events on campus. No outside events will be taking place on campus this fall.
  4. We encourage all Nossi community members to take their own temperatures before arriving on campus. We will have someone taking temperatures on campus!

    Please stay away from campus if you have any COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms including fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, muscle aches/headaches, or a scratchy soar throat.

Additional Campus Safety Measures

Nossi College of Art’s campus is fortunate – it already lends itself to social distancing! We offer small class sizes in large, open classrooms allowing us to stay socially distant in the classroom.

ALSO – Designed with two HVAC systems, our campus has a central HVAC system (heats and cools campus) along with individual Mitsubishi units in classrooms, computer labs, and video studios allowing faculty to adjust temperatures while bringing in fresh air from outside.

Removing stagnant air keeps cross-contamination between classrooms to a minimum. The technology installed to help remove stagnant air and toxic paint fumes is, luckily, an added campus bonus during the coronavirus pandemic.

If it is needed, Nossi College of Art coordinated a second option for the fall.

Fall Backup Plan

After experiencing a split on campus and online experience this summer, we determined it is too difficult to provide adequate instruction in a split classroom for the fall.

Due to these concerns, we will not offer a split option this fall.

If the College must return to online classes, the entire class will go online and studio time will be isolated, as we have done in the past.

We are taking cues from local and national government organizations, the Department of Education, and our accreditation body. The College will be prepared to transition to online learning if the State or Metro deems it necessary for higher education institutions.

Through August, we will update our policies and procedures if we get new information. Our decisions are fluid based on real-time data. Plans may change due to circumstances out of our control. Please be mentally prepared for any changes the college may be required to make. All information will be communicated in this blog and sent directly to your Nossi inboxes.

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(Updated Monday, June 29):
Nossi College of Art has a few updates to share related to COVID-19 and the Nashville, Tennessee, Davidson County area.

While everyone on campus returns to online learning for Moodle Week this week, Nossi College will completely clean campus again and add new signage about a new mask requirement. When the Nossi community returns to campus, masks must be worn in community areas (i.e., student lounge, front lobby, hallways, library). Higher education institutions like Nossi College are not required to wear masks for the latest mandate; however, we want to go above and beyond to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

Wearing masks inside the classrooms will still be OPTIONAL moving forward. As a College, we continue to prioritize social distancing within the classroom by reducing the number of students and ensuring all seating is six feet apart. Learn more about Nashville’s Mask Mandate from News Channel 5.

In addition, Nashville Mayor John Cooper announced the city is reverting back to Phase 2 requirements. See the roadmap for Phase 2 on the Mayor’s website.

Vending machines, water fountains, and our cafe, Crave Cafe, will continue to be closed for the time being. We hope to have an update related to reopening our Cafe soon.

NEED A MASK? You can receive a free one from the Metro Public Health Department. Get a mask from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Lentz Public Health Center. You can also visit our COVID-19 FAQ section on ways to make or order masks.

(Updated Friday, June 5):
Our first week was a success! Thank you to everyone for your patience as we unveiled new policies and procedures to safely return and learn on campus.

We wanted the Nossi community to feel a sense of safety and confidence in their return. It was great seeing everyone.

To our online learners, if you run into any problems or complications related to your Internet access, equipment access, or communication questions, you MUST email Rachel Dewaal immediately so you do not fall behind in classroom projects.

The Nashville Mayor will continue in Phase 2 for another week and will NOT move into Phase 3 for Davidson County just yet.

Remember, to reduce the spread of this virus, the most important thing is to frequently wash your hands and keep from touching your face. If you wear contacts, consider wearing glasses to help reduce the need to touch or fix contacts in public.

Nossi College Campus SAFETY

Student Temperatures will be taken

During the first week back, Nossi College of Art took the following precautions. Due to student request, we have decided to continue checking temperatures through the month of June.

– Nossi College will use a no-contact thermometer, allowing us to take temperature measurements without jeopardizing safety.
Students must enter through the student entrance at the back of campus while faculty and staff must enter the front lobby. This will also help reduce congestion.
– To get on the shuttle from housing, students must have their temperature taken.
Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees will be asked to return home until their temperature rebounds to normal. Anyone feeling sick will be asked to remain home until it is safe to return to campus. Anyone feeling ill with coronavirus symptoms or fever will be encouraged to take a coronavirus test and report the results to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Students and Faculty are Encouraged to Wear Masks

Faculty, staff, and students are highly encouraged to wear masks. Any vendor or contractor entering our campus will be required to wear a mask and have their temperature checked as well.

If you ride the student housing shuttle, you will be required to wear a mask for added safety of our shuttle drivers. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you.

Need a mask? Head to our FAQ section to find out where to buy or how to make a mask.

VENDING MACHINES will Be Inaccessible

For now, the vending machines will be inaccessible on campus, as we cannot guarantee we can keep them clean and disinfected.

Water fountains are CLOSED as well. It will be important to bring your own water to the campus. Nossi has a few water bottles to purchase in the bookstore if you are interested. Contact Bonnie at the Front Desk to order.

Crave Cafe is OPEN. Their operating hours are 11:30 AM to 6 PM Monday through Thursday and has an updated menu with snacks, sodas, candy, and other items typically found in the vending machine. Download Crave Cafe’s update menu.

Crave employees check-in and take a COVID-19 symptom questionnaire. All employees are masked and gloved at all times, changing gloves between each transaction. Crave Cafe implemented an hourly sanitation check and wipes down all surfaces. 

Campus Overview


Seven hand sanitizing stations have been installed in the front lobby, the student lounge, by Crave Cafe, and around campus.

Two hand-washing stations have been installed at the student lounge entrance, allowing students to wash their hands before entering the building.

Directional floor signage allows students to easily get around campus while being socially distant.

We removed chairs to reduce the amount of available seating in each classroom. Tables were also separated, so students feel comfortable and socially distant from fellow classmates and teachers. The extra chairs moved to the back of the classrooms, and we ask that they are not moved or relocated.

Students will be allowed to check out disinfectant spray bottles and cloth wipes for no cost.
Use your student ID to check out these items. They must be returned before you leave campus. We will also have additional wipes if needed for computer labs.

Our cleaning staff will continue to disinfect all frequently touched surfaces after campus closes each night.

No guests will be allowed at this time.


All tables and chairs, both inside and outside the lounge, have been separated to comply with social distancing requirements. Cleaning supplies will also be available if you want to spot clean, because we want students to feel in control over how clean their working and eating spaces are.

Students will find outdoor tables moved to allow for added room.

Remember, eating is allowed inside any classroom without computers. You must clean up after your breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals or snacks. It is important to make sure all trash ends up in proper trashcans, so faculty, staff, or fellow students can enjoy clean, creative workstations.

Masks & Social Distancing Required on Student Housing Shuttle

In addition to taking temperatures, Nossi College of Art will require social distancing on the student shuttle. The shuttle will be cleaned and disinfected every evening.

The housing shuttle will make at least two trips to campus during each break. We can add a third trip if it is necessary.

ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR MASKS. We will have extras to provide if students need it. We want to ensure we are making a safe environment for the needs of our shuttle drivers.



Instructors will park at the front of campus and enter through the main lobby. Each instructor will pick up a Classroom Sanitizing Kit containing:
1. A bottle of hand sanitizer
2. Alcohol wipes (x2) for the instructor computer
we ask faculty to wipe down the computer before AND after use.
3. Alcohol wipes for each student (x2) if the class takes place in a computer lab
we ask all students to wipe down their computers before AND after use.
4. Sanitizer, spray, and cloths to wipe down equipment and work stations. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO BE MINDFUL WHEN WIPING DOWN TECH ITEMS to not damage or ruin equipment.

Classroom doors to remain open when classes are not in session.


All students (online and in-person) will be required to attend class DURING class time. Whether a student continues to learn online or if they decide to return to campus, everyone will return to a regular class schedule of Morning, Afternoon, and Evening timeframes.

We are returning to a typical attendance requirement – to be marked present, you must be in class or logged in on Zoom at the start of class time.

We have installed new video and audio equipment to better record video and audio in class for online students. These videos will also be recorded and shared for the entire class.

Photo and Video Studio Precautions

With the use of gaffers tape, the photo and video studios have designated individual work spaces for students. We are working on the upcoming weekend schedule for studios. Stay tuned for more details.

Online requirements

To continue learning online, a student will need to complete and sign documents stating they are aware of the online requirements and responsibilities.

Online requirements include (and may not be limited to):
1. Online courses will only be offered at the same time as physical classes. For example, if you have a Tuesday morning class scheduled, you must attend the zoom class between 8 and 12, during class time.
2. Reliable access to a computer, internet, and software programs is required.
3. Include a statement of why you prefer to learn online.
4. Scheduling studio time (in two-hour blocks) during non-class hours, purchasing equipment, OR renting/borrowing from the College to complete projects will be required.

To continue learning online, you must email Rachel Dewaal.

Nossi Mental Health Services

Nossi College of Art offers students access to affordable mental health through Horn Counseling services. Reid offers both on-campus and teleconferencing health sessions.

If you feel overwhelmed by stress and you need an outlet to talk about what you are going through, Reid Horn is here for you.

Learn more about Horn Counseling and his services.

If you have specific questions, please check our FAQ page related to the Coronavirus. Still no answer to your question? Please reach out to Rachel Dewaal via email.

(Updated Monday, May 11):
As we get into May and launch our summer semester, we hope you enjoyed your time off for break.

As of today, the following businesses will begin to reopen this week:

Nashville reopening plan

You can also visit state and local parks if you need to get out of the house. We highly recommend staying inside and socially distant for a while longer, helping limit a potential second wave of cases this summer.

Our goal is to continue with the plan launched last week, outlined below:

Summer Details

  • Online Classes start Monday, May 11, and run through Friday, May 29. (Side note, Monday, May 25 is Memorial Day. Monday’s online classes will have the entire week to complete assignments. Nossi College is typically closed to honor this holiday).
  • On-campus classes projected to begin Monday, June 1.
  • ONCE the official date of campus classes is announced, any student who prefers to continue online classes will be required to contact us. You will complete and sign documents stating you are aware of the online requirements and responsibilities if you decide to continue with online classes once we open campus.
    FYI: This option WILL NOT be available until we officially announce the date of on-campus summer courses. PLEASE wait to email staff, as we cannot oversee this policy until the on-campus class dates are confirmed.
  • Online requirements include (and may not be limited to):
    1. Online courses will only be offered at the same time as physical classes. For example: If you have a Tuesday morning class scheduled, you must attend the zoom class between 8 and 12, during class time.
    2. Reliable access to a computer, Internet, and software programs is required.
    3. Include a statement of why you prefer to learn online.
    4. Scheduling studio time (in two-hour blocks) during non-class hours, purchasing equipment, OR renting/borrowing from the College to complete projects will be required.

On Campus Details

Once on-campus classes begin, Nossi College of Art will provide a safe environment for faculty, students, and staff. To do this, the College will enforce the following:

  • A social distancing policy. Everyone will need to remain 6+ feet away from one another.
    1. Nossi will provide more classes to reduce the amount of students in each classroom.
    2. We will open classrooms to the option to eating during break
    3. We will add more tables outside for dining and social distancing
  • Masks are highly encouraged but not mandatory. A very limited supply will be available on campus, and we highly encourage you to bring your own.
    Additional options include:
    1. Design your own mask with
    2. Purchase a washable fabric mask
    3. DIY and make your own mask (sew and no-sew instructions)
    4. Purchase medical masks in bulk
  • Tissues will be available at the main entrance and student entrance to open outside door handles. Hand sanitizer will be available around campus for student, faculty, and staff use. Classroom doors will remain open to reduce touched surfaces.
  • Additional cleaning after workspace usage will be required of staff, faculty, and students. Cleaning products will be provided.
  • When visiting a staffer’s office, students, staff, and faculty should remain at their door, and should only come in if invited.

Additional Resources and Needs

If you have additional questions, please visit our FAQ page with additional details about the summer semester.

Nossi College of Art plans on hosting a Q&A with staff on Thursday, May 7, and Friday, May 8, to answer specific student questions during a zoom meeting.

We are encouraging students to submit questions early so we can accommodate answering as many questions as possible. Limited questions may be asked during the event.

All links will be sent to your emails.

1. You can submit questions about the semester NOT answered above or on the FAQ page by emailing Rachel Dewaal.

2. Zoom Meeting Details:
Thursday, May 7
12 – 1 PM
Graphic & Web

Thursday, May 7
2:30 – 3:30 PM
Video & Photo

Friday, May 8
12 – 1 PM

Friday, May 8
2:30 – 3:30 PM
New Student Orientation

(Updated Tuesday, April 21):
For the summer semester, Nossi College of Art is deciding to continue online learning for the first three weeks in May. We plan on returning to campus on Monday, June 1.

Governor Lee plans to lift Tennessee’s stay-at-home policy at the end of April. He requested Metro schools remain closed through the remainder of the school year. That date is the end of May, and we feel the added weeks will allow the College to aptly prepare for students’ arrival in June.

As we actively monitoring the ongoing circumstance, we realize our timeline may change, and online classes may continue into June. We are researching ideas while collaborating with teachers to ensure the summer semester is a smooth semester for everyone. Now is the time to use our creativity and work together as a team because we are all in this temporary situation together.

We are excited about the idea of seeing everyone and bringing the buzz of activity back to campus.

Please continue social distancing, and we hope to see you soon!

Please note, the below policies are based on IF the current guidelines continue to be relaxed based on updates from the Governor and the Nashville Mayor.

Summer Semester Coronavirus POLICIES:

  1. Students and faculty will see we added more classes, reducing the number of students per class. Adding classes allows us to spread student seating out, so we can still be mindful of a six-foot social distance.
    FYI: STUDENTS – Please check your emails about information from the Financial Aid office and the summer semester.
  2. Our nightly cleaning crew will continue disinfecting high touch areas, including door handles and keyboards. We will have additional disinfectant cleaners and wipes available on campus. Hand sanitizer will be available in every classroom.
  3. To ensure all students have access to Nossi equipment and space, we will offer weekend availability for interested students starting in June. Weekends include Fridays and this time will be available to complete classroom assignments. We will have a detailed schedule to follow about reserving space.
  4. We are working on a policy about coordinating with hair and makeup artists, models, and guests in the studio as well as working with models in anatomy. We will share it as soon as it is finalized.
  5. We will continue to make student tutors available for all students, coordinating schedules and students participating. This service is available no matter if classes are offered online or in person. FYI – TUTORING IS A FREE SERVICE for all students. Plus, tutors are paid! If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Rachel Dewaal in Student Services.
  6. Nossi College of Art decided to POSTPONE our 2019/2020 graduation until later in the summer. We feel that when we can head back to class on June 1, a June 6 graduation event will be too quick of a turnaround for holding a large event. We are working with Goodpasture to secure another date, ideally in August. We understand this is a very special time and moment for graduates and their families, so we want to offer the best graduation timeframe possible. We appreciate your patience as we try to schedule a new date.  
  7. Crave Café will open when campus opens, and they are excited about seeing everyone again. Students will be allowed to have food and drink into specific classrooms during class breaks to allow for social distancing during lunch and dinner. Nossi College will take advantage of the summer weather by providing additional outdoor seating as well. Please note, there will be select classrooms where food and drink will NOT be allowed (i.e., Computer Lab 5, Print Production Room, Studios, and Foundations Lab.

Please see our updated FAQ questions related to the summer semester and the coronavirus. Included is information about food needs, financial needs, and school updates.

(Updated Monday, April 13):
With the new requirement from Governor Lee on Thursday afternoon to have non-essential workers and students stay home, Nossi College of Art will continue to modify our message to the Nossi Community about Spring Semester updates. After Friday, students will no longer be allowed on campus, even with our metro-approved self-distancing plan. Nossi College of Art will be closed to all students, faculty, and staff through the required timeline of April 30. Please note, this is a plan that could continue to evolve and push self-quarantine dates if Tennesseans still resist Governor Lee’s call to take this situation very seriously.

The longer people continue to disregard the rules during this pandemic mean the longer everyone will have to be mindful of their social distancing. Essential businesses are open and include grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, medical facilities, and financial institutions. It is recommended to wear a face-covering or mask. Getting time outside walking and running is a great escape from being cooped up inside, especially if you live in an apartment community or have limited yard access.

View a list of our coronavirus FAQs and how it affects Nossi College’s community. These questions are from students and staffers directly affected this spring semester. If you have any additional questions, please contact us so we can add your question to our FAQ page. FAQs include attendance, equipment usage, financial help, food help, and updates about Nossi events (including the Spring Senior Portfolio Show and June’s Graduation).

Digital Hug

Hang in there everyone – even if it gets a little worse before it gets better, keep telling yourself it will get better.

(Updated Tuesday, March 24):
We have news for our students who need additional studio and/or class assistance to feel successful and confident about completing the spring semester. We have received official approval from local authorities to limit the amount of activity on campus and allow students access to specific areas of campus only. We are able to move forward with our original plan. Please click the below button or picture to view or save the PDF.

Downloadable PDF with information related to:
1. Extended online course schedule
2. Accessing campus this spring as we go digital
3. Student housing
4. Social distancing – What it Means and How to Get Started
5. Mental health measures
6. Social media suggestions
7. Continuing your creativity


You must first reserve space to work on campus. View the schedule here (must use your email account to view).
To book a reservation, please call or email the front desk. DO NOT show up to campus without an appointment and expect access. All students must reserve a spot if they are interested in coming to campus. We are under strict guidelines to remain open.
1. 615-514-2787
2. Email the front desk

Classroom Space:
– Only one student per classroom
– Each student can reserve two hours at a time and area will be disinfected before getting started
– Access to additional disinfectant is available, please see the front desk receptionist
– Each space will also be disinfected every evening before the start of the next day
– Students will be given alcohol wipes to disinfect the area again once they are finished

Studio Space:
– Only one student per studio
– Each student can reserve two hours at a time
– Equipment provided will be disinfected before a student gets started
– Students will be given alcohol wipes for any additional needs
– Students will be required to work alone – no photo or video partners
– Although models are welcome (you must mind the social distancing rule of 6 feet), hair and makeup rooms will NOT be available. It will be important to tell your model to arrive with hair and makeup already completed

We know this is an unusual time and your anxiety and stress levels are higher than normal. We understand, and want to remind you that our mental health provider is still around to help. Horn Counseling is offering teleconferencing meetings. Visit the Horn Counseling website to sign up.

(Updated Sunday, March 22):
This morning, Mayor John Cooper issued at Safer-At-Home Mandate. This limits all non-essential businesses to close for the next two weeks, helping reduce the spread of the coronavirus in Tennessee and Nashville. Because of this announcement, Nossi College is amending its latest statement to say students are no longer going to be allowed on campus during the next two weeks.

We are working on getting special approval from the government to allowed limited on-campus study opportunities. For now, our entire community must stay home until further notice from Nossi’s administration. We are reaching out to students who already booked lab or studio appointments, as those are canceled for now, and hopefully rescheduled for later.

Issues studying from home?
If you are a student who does not have access to the Internet, computer, or other proper equipment, it is important to notify your teacher immediately via email. We will try and assistant students on a one-off basis to solve unique needs.

Photo and Video Assignments
We are aware some classes require equipment and/or studio space. We do not have an answer on this issue yet, but know we are diligently working on a concrete solution for all students.

Practice Safe Precautions
Students must continue to practice social distancing (staying six feet away from other people) as well as continuing proper hygiene and hand-washing. That is your best fight against this virus – good ole soap and water.

We will still be working on a list of FAQs this coming week to help address additional student and faculty concerns. Please do not forget to add your question to our list on the Nossi Insiders page. We will try to answer as many questions as we can.

We will continue to send updates to the Nossi community as they become available. We highly encourage you to continue to create during this time! If you need some ideas to keep your brain active (once you complete all your homework!), check out this article for ideas to help reduce your boredom. Tag Nossi on social media using #nossisnapshot, and you can let us know what you are up to in the coming weeks!

We will still be working on a list of FAQs this coming week to help address additional student and faculty concerns. Please do not forget to add your question to our list on the Nossi Insiders page. We will try to answer as many questions as we can.

We will continue to send updates to the Nossi community as they become available. We highly encourage you to continue to create during this time! If you need some ideas to keep your brain active (once you complete all your homework!), check out this article for ideas to help reduce your boredom. Tag Nossi on social media using #nossisnapshot, and you can let us know what you are up to in the coming weeks.

If you find yourself feeling stressed out, know you are not the only person feeling this way. We find ourselves in a highly unusual time, and we will get through this together. The important piece is to be sure and take care of yourself.

The CDC recommends several things to help support yourself throughout the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories – this includes social media. Hearing about the coronavirus repeatedly can be upsetting and add undue stress in your life. It is good to stay informed, but don’t overdo it.
  • Take care of your body – physically and mentally. Allow small breaks each day, and use this time to unplug: take deep breaths, stretch, walk your neighborhood (be mindful of social distancing – six feet of separation is important), and meditate. Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, and avoid alcohol and drugs. NOTE: Nossi housing students, if you find yourself needing help with food, please reach out to Mitzi or Roger for assistance.
  • Make time to unwind. Try to do some other activities you enjoy (this answer can include watching Netflix, but resist binging).
  • Connect with others!! Talk with people you trust about your concerns and how you are feeling. You may feel alone, but remember we are all in this together. Send silly videos to family, chat with friends, and create and share with your network. It is important to keep your connections with others.

And please remember, Reid Horn of Horn Counseling is available even though the campus is closed. He is offering students sessions via teleconferencing. He is available to see all students, and we are proud to have him be part of the Nossi family. Check our Reid’s bio information.

(Updated Thursday, March 19):
FYI – Nossi College is currently still sitting at ZERO students, staff, or faculty with the coronavirus, COVID-19. If any member of the Nossi College community does test positive, it is important to email Dr. Byron Edwards by clicking here.

Due to Tennessee Governor Lee’s announcement that all Tennessee schools should close by Friday, March 20, Nossi College of Art decided to MOVE all classes to a digital format once Moodle Week ends.

Starting Monday, March 23, through Friday, April 3, every class will move online. We are uncertain at this point how long classes will remain online and will have new updates for students no later than Friday, March 27. The campus will remain closed to the public as classes move online.

It is important each student takes these online classes as seriously as classes that take place on campus. We are over halfway through the semester and we want students finishing strong despite the Spring semester’s unusual interruptions.

You should be regularly checking your emails, as that is the main way we will communicate relevant information for all faculty, students, and staff. This blog will remain updated for the Nossi community along with their friends and family.

If you have questions, please reply to those emails or call us at 615-514-2787.
Nossi college coronavirus precautions

Downloadable PDF with information related to:
1. Extended online course schedule
2. Accessing campus this spring as we go digital
3. Student housing
4. Social distancing – What it Means and How to Get Started
5. Mental health measures
6. Social media suggestions
7. Continuing your creativity

(Updated Thursday, March 12):
You have probably heard, the coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) is monopolizing time in the news and on your social media feeds. Nossi College is closely monitoring the evolving situation in Middle Tennessee and across the country. We want the Nossi Community to feel safe as we continue to learn more about how the coronavirus will impact daily life.

In the coming week, Nossi College of Art will be going online for spring break. We call this Moodle Week, and all classes move into the online environment. We are processing all circumstances and will have an answer about the following week’s classes no later than Thursday, March 19.

We want to reiterate, we have ZERO students, faculty, or staff who are exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus. Check the Metro Nashville Public Health website for up to date information about Middle Tennessee and the coronavirus. You can also check the CDC website to get additional information.

Here are a few highlights we want to reemphasize:

Potential Campus Closure
We are waiting to see how the virus will spread before we make a final decision about class after Moodle Week. We are currently preparing for multiple outcomes when it comes to the remainder of the Spring Semester. We are aware of several colleges that have closed and moved online; however, those colleges have a large number of international students and students traveling.

Nossi College of Art plans to make a final decision no later than Thursday, March 19 about the following week of classes. We ask for patience as we review all of our options. We are fortunate to have Moodle Week coming up, giving us time to plan.

If the virus continues to spread in Nashville, we will reconsider our position and notify the Nossi Community via email, social media, and text message. The text will be similar to the weather-related text during the tornado aftermath last week.

Traveling During Moodle Week (“Spring Break”)
Are you planning to travel for Spring Break during Moodle Week? We encourage mindfulness throughout your adventures. If you plan on boarding a plane, take serious precautions during your trip and once you arrive home. If you feel ill after your trip, consider staying home for 24 hours and return to campus only when you are symptom-free.

If you plan on staying in Nashville, know the campus will be closed to all students for cleaning. Staff will be monitoring emails and will be on campus taking calls.

Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel our Study Abroad international trip to Spain in April.

Campus Cleaning
Every night we have a cleaning service tidy campus and disinfect door handles and other commonly-used surfaces. During Moodle Week, Nossi’s campus will undergo a deep cleaning as well.

There are hand sanitizers in every classroom, at the front desk, and in many staff offices. We have access to disinfecting wipes if a classroom needs extra attention. The spread of the virus can be greatly reduced with the simple act of properly washing your hands, covering your coughs or sneezes, and staying home when you feel ill.

Nossi Events
We have had a few events cancel or postpone their gathering – you will see a CANCELED notice on our events calendar. We will keep you up to date as we get into April to decide which events will be canceled and which can continue moving forward.

Nossi Faculty and Staff
Nossi staff will be working on campus during Moodle Week, but the campus will not be open for business as we go through a deep clean. Faculty, please connect with Dr. Edwards about your plan if the college does decide to move classes to our online platform during this outbreak. Check your emails for additional information.

We are committed to the health and safety of our community this spring, and we thank you for your patience as we evaluate the best ways to move forward. This is an evolving matter, and we will continue to closely monitor the situation in relation to our Spring Semester. We will keep everyone updated via their emails.

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