Summer 2023 Senior Exhibition

The major part of each graduating senior's last semester is dedicated to creating, curating, and developing their individual portfolio: the best of their best, their body of creative work from their time studying and creating at Nossi College of Art & Design over the past few years.

The best part? They get to present their portfolio work during the Senior Exhibition held at the end of each semester. Creative professionals in the various industries are invited to come peruse the portfolio work and connect with the students on their next journey to being professional artists and designers.

A special shout out to Nossi's inaugural graduating class of Culinary Arts! Students presented portfolios of their favorite dishes they made as well as business plans. Many students even prepared a dish for visitors to try!

A huge congratulations to all graduating seniors who participated in this Summer's Senior Exhibition! 


Ashland Arnold, Rachel Bruner, Alatha Studer


Mary Stough, Abbey Parchman


Eddie (Edwin) Murrell


Maggie (Margaret) Pinson, Kaitie (Kaitlin) Olson, Derrick (Saint) Johnson, Hannah Carrie Belle Turner


Ashley Martin, Jackson Schleeter, Tr'Nae Brown, Brianna Gordon, Brandon Donovan, Brendyn Laurie, Mike Laurie, Anahi Dela Rosa, Timothy Andrews, Cody Gibson

Photos by: Meghna Bhakta 

Instagram: @visualsbymeghna

Website: https://visualsbymeghna.com/

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