Senior Exhibition Spring 2024: Haley Durham

Introducing Nossi Graphic Design Student: Haley Durham

Haley will be one of the several Nossi graduating seniors displaying their portfolio in the upcoming Spring 2024 Senior Exhibition at Nossi College of Art & Design on Thursday April 11th, 2024.

Creative Professionals, Family + Friends: For more information on attending the Senior Exhibition, please follow this link

Q: What is your goal after graduating form Nossi College of Art & Design? A: After graduating, my goal is to design for organizations like the National Park Service, National Audubon Society, or other organizations who strive to protect our world's wildlands.

Q: Looking back, what is one piece of advice you would give yourself on your first day of art college? A: Reflecting on my journey, if I could offer one piece of advice to my eager, first-day-of-art-college self, it would be this: Stay true to yourself along your journey of creativity and exploration. Embrace your unique perspective, let it guide your artistic endeavors, and don't be afraid to express it boldly. Remember to carve out moments to immerse yourself in nature's beauty, finding inspiration in its tranquility. And above all, cherish the precious moments spent with your favorite people, for they are the ones who nurture your soul and fuel your creative fire.

Keep in touch with Haley’s artistic endeavors through social channels:
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