Nossi Student Internship with CMA Fest 2023

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"For years the CMA has offered our students opportunities covering the Country Music Festival and the CMA Awards. As they paused during COVID it became clear how important real-life concert and event photography experience is for our students. Pam Hothorn, Senior Manager, Creative Content Production, and Drew Noble, Creative Content Coordinator, treat our students as professionals and expect them to handle their responsibilities. We can't teach that in the classroom and it's invaluable." - Tom Stanford, Nossi College of Art & Design Photography Program Director

Extremely proud to announce that two Nossi Photography students have been selected to complete an internship at the CMA Fest this season: Zachary Whitmore and Hannah Turner. Check out the concert focused photography work from both Zachary Whitmore and Hannah Turner below.

Q&A with Zach about the upcoming internship:

Q: What are you most excited about shooting this event? 

A: I'm most excited about the opportunity to work with CMA and to be able to be a part of the festival. It's an honor and appreciated privilege to take part in one of Music City's biggest events. Being able to work with others in the music and photo industry while capturing compelling and exciting photos of some of the biggest names in Country Music.

Q: What have you learned from shooting similar sized events previously; what will you focus on differently this time? 

A: I was able to shoot Lighting 100's Live on the Green last summer. I learned a little bit about how large music events are held and some of the logistics. I also gained knowledge on where to place myself to get the best photos possible. The only thing I would do differently is maybe changing a few things compositionally and try to match other photographers they use or have used in a way that better blends with the style they are accustomed to.

Q:  Any advice for those interested in shooting concerts and music?

A: Reach out to venues and artists. Start off small and work your way up. Working in various environments (outside or inside) and various types of spaces and lighting scenarios. Shooting different genres allows for a better overall understanding and will also help diversify your portfolio while allowing you to figure out exactly which genre best suits you. For events, my advice is the same. Shooting various concerts and shows will also give you the ability to try different things (technically and compositionally). It can also allow you to network with not only those you work with but others in attendance. You never know who is there walking around that could potentially be one of your biggest contacts. This is something to pay attention to at any concert or event, especially in Nashville. In either situation concert or event, you must be mindful of not only your clients but those attending as well. You are not the center of attention and don't have priority over everyone else. Be respectful and professional at all times. Shoot for your clients primarily, but also get some shots for yourself once your client's needs are met.

PHOTOS BY: ZACHARY WHITMORE / keep up with Zach's work here.

Notes from Hannah Turner:

Q: What are you most excited about shooting this event?

A: So excited to photograph fans enjoying themselves! A huge part of what I love about concert photography is the fans and their love for music. It’s really special to capture their emotions alongside the musicians.

Q: Any advice for those interested in shooting concerts and music?

A: My advice is just to bring a camera to any show you’re going to. Even if it’s just your phone, you can find a way to make good pictures on it. It’s not about what camera you have access to, it’s about the moment you capture and the unique way you see it.

PHOTOS BY: HANNAH TURNER / keep up with Hannah's work here.

CMA Fest this year is held in Nashville, TN June 8th - June 11th. THANK YOU to CMA Fest to welcoming our students!

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