McCayla McClard - Art College Social Media Intern for Photography

McCayla McClard

Social Media Intern

McCayla McClard is a Tennessee native photographer. She started her journey in the arts through theatre – both performing and behind the scenes. Photos have always been a big part of her life since she was young, buying her first digital camera with her birthday money at age 10. It wasn’t until her oldest sister started a photography internship that she decided to go full art full time.

Through photography and art McCayla is able to reach people in a way most can’t. She’s had many accomplishments since pursuing her love full-time, and she’s excited to see where it takes her! McCayla takes great inspiration from kpop artists such as Stray Kids, Ateez, NCT, and BTOB to name a few. This is a big factor in how she creates and visions her work. She also is on teams for lighting and set design for a short film called Paloma directed by Isabel Camacho and is super excited to show this side of her work to everyone.

McCayla is current a Photography student at Nossi College of Art.

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