Open House Featuring the Senior Show

Designed by Mikal Barker, Spring 2016 Illustration Graduate Join Us April 20, 2017 from 4 – 7 PM for light refreshments, senior work and tours of the Nossi campus. 

Susan DeMay Exhibit

Susan DeMay, a Nossi College of Art Advisory Board Member, will be showcasing her work at the Tennessee State Museum’s curator’s home in East Nashville. Susan DeMay is Nossi’s General Education expert and currently sits on all four of our Advisory Boards (one for each program). Susan is also an Art Professor at Vanderbilt University. More information in the below poster. 

Business and Marketing Classes Designed for Art Students

WRITTEN BY: lfunke

As an artist, it is extremely important to understand the value you bring to the table during business discussions. That perceived value (set by you and viewed by the client) can help determine your pay rate – show up to a meeting disheveled and unorganized, that may show clients you aren’t professional or can’t be taken seriously. However, if you show up looking styled, organized and ready to share research during the meeting – then your perceived value increases and so can your earnings.  The more students learn to understand the art of business, the more successful they will be in the creative and tech industries. At Nossi College, understanding business isn’t a subject taught in a class, it is a class all by itself. Whether students are studying photography, video, design or illustration, everyone takes business classes to learn about developing business plans, creating contract agreements, understanding good communication, negotiating pay rates and we even brush over advertising and marketing.  Marketing plus advertising ideas and theories are discussed more in-depth during Online Marketing class, which is taken in conjunction with our business classes.  Students can truly understand the process it takes to share stories and successes about their business. Those posts and blogs could lead to additional clients and referrals! Students start with social media and then dive more into running their own website, blogging about experiences and sharing content on social media. Check our two of our student stories below! Joshijah Spence Photography – Joshijah has been blogging about…

Portfolio Requirements for Admission to Nossi College of Art

WRITTEN BY: lfunke

Application Process – Submitting Your Work You are reading this because you are interested in attending Nossi College of Art or you just applied for acceptance into the college. Acceptance into Nossi requires each applicant to submit a body of work (also referred to as a portfolio). Requirements vary depending on the program you are most interested in. If you have any questions about submitting work, please do not hesitate to call admissions at 615-514-2787 (ARTS) or email. Illustration: Submit eight to 10 pieces of original work. The pieces submitted for consideration need to be a traditional style including painting, color pencil, graphite, watercolor, pen or marker. In addition to a traditional style, you may also incorporate digitally created projects. You can submit original pieces or a digital copy of each piece. We also accept sketchbooks displaying a range of skills showcasing your passion for illustration. All original work will be returned to the student. Graphic Design Media: Submit eight to 10 pieces of graphic work. These can include but are not limited to layouts for posters, brochures, package design, cd artwork and website or app designs. It is a plus if designs include samples of type, logos and understanding of content within the design. We accept both finished pieces and sketches. Did you just start producing work? No problem, as we can evaluate your creative thought process. ASSIGNMENT: Visit Google and search for 1. Creative Ads 2. Creative Packaging and/or 3. Creative Websites. Select IMAGES from the Google Navigation…


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