For Graphic Design Coordinator Michael Kristof, Communication is the Key

WRITTEN BY: lfunke

  Story by Les Kerr Award-winning designer Michael Kristof brings real-world knowledge of the design field to his new position as Graphic Design Coordinator at Nossi College of Art. As an experienced practitioner in the world of graphic design, he knows how important passion for a craft is to motivate those who want to learn, and he is encouraged by the enthusiasm he has found among Nossi College students. “I do my best to impress upon the students that they need to apply themselves,” said Michael. “They are here because they have a passion for what they are doing. They want to learn and understand. Sometimes, the exploring process can intimidate people. It’s important to provide a safe place for them to experiment, make mistakes and realize that all of that is part of the learning process.” Technology also plays a part in consistently getting information to students, according to the new coordinator. Michael says students and teachers are benefiting from programs that allow curriculum and assignments to be posted online. Software shows exactly what is coming up in course content and allows more immediate access to instructors. “Students are able to see what is expected week by week,” Michael said. “Assignments are posted in an easily understandable format. Instructors can also e-mail content and tips to students.” In addition to student enthusiasm, Michael is encouraged by the dedication of the college’s leadership. “This is a great environment and the staff is outstanding,” he said. “I was really impressed when Cyrus…

Nossi Open House and Senior Show

Nossi College of Art invites you to attend our Summer Open House on Thursday, August 11 from 4-7 p.m. Artwork from photographers, illustrators, videographers and designers will be on display to see what the next group of creative professionals is producing in Nashville. It would be a crime to miss this event! While you are here, grab snacks and refreshments while you tour Nossi’s creative campus – chat with students about their experience in art college and discover what it means to be a professional creative in Nashville. A degree from Nossi College can help you succeed in this competitive industry. Come discover how in-demand a creative career can be! Artwork created by Mary Sullivan, a 2016 Summer Illustration Graduate. View more of her work here.  

Lion Suit Dreamscape

Romance. Comedy. Sci-Fi. Mystery. Come of age again, with us, on the evening of July 23. Bring a friend or join alone, but be with us for a destruction of genre and a remembrance of dream-time conversation, for the PREMIERE SCREENING of LION SUIT DREAMSCAPE

Get Cultured: An Pop-Up Art Show

Join us on Thursday, July 21 from 7-9pm for a pop-up art show featuring four of Nashville’s premier visual artists: Troy Duff, Stephen Watkins, Brian Wooden, and Jake Elliott. Be one of the first to see and experience their latest work, ranging from fine graffiti to 8-foot charcoal portraits – pieces you won’t find in any traditional gallery. This is a free event, and we encourage you to support local artists and Southern Word by purchasing art or by making a donation to this worthy cause. With your generosity, we can enable more spoken word school residencies, after-school workshops, and youth performances; and, ultimately, liberate more students through the power of expression.

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