Sue Henry, Professional Photographer, Art College Advisory Board Member

Sue Henry

Fine Art Photographer

“The Arts have been an integral part of my life from a very early age; first as a musician, and later in life as a visual artist. My passion for finding beauty in what may be sometimes considered unexpected places is very evident to the viewer. The artist’s eye sees colors, shapes, and details often missed by others. Photography is not so much about taking pictures as it is about creating art.”

A retired music educator and professional musician, Sue Henry has been studying and practicing photography for a number of years. She received instruction in photography from well-known and talented Western Kentucky artists and has attended photography classes at the Paducah School of Art.

Henry continues her education by constantly surrounding herself with photography books, examples of works of others, attending photography workshops and seminars with nationally recognized photographers, as well as taking advantage of a multitude of online learning opportunities.

Sue Henry’s photographs have been exhibited widely throughout the United States. She has received awards from LithMoon Gallery, Greensboro GA; ASmith Gallery, Johnson City TX; Knoxville Photo, Knoxville TN; Nature Undisturbed, Serenbe GA; Photographer’s Forum; and Proofs, Murray KY. Having images featured in several print publications, she is additionally a respected photography teacher and workshop presenter.

Sue Henry currently resides in the Greater Nashville Area where she enjoys all the benefits the area offers…and her three grandchildren!

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