Grant Swertfeger, web design, UXUI Design

Grant Swertfeger

Founder, Swordsweeper Industries, LLC

Grant Swertfeger is a seasoned User Experience (UX) designer and User Interface (UI) developer with a background in multimedia and journalism. He started off his career in journalism as a photographer and photo editor but quickly found that “New Media” emerged and changed the news industry forever. His new focus was on multimedia and interactive ways to deliver news content to keep up with the evolving landscape of Online News. Quickly, his love for telling stories turned into a love of coming up with interesting ways to explore the story. For a long time, he thought of himself as a web developer but eventually, he realized that he’d been designing for the user experience long before he knew it had a name.

As the founder of Swordsweeper Industries, a software and design studio based in the Nashville area, Grant has taken what he’s learned through experience and built a team of developers to design and build highly interactive experiences for the education and other industries. Currently, Swordsweeper is working with Challenger Center on a grant from NASA to build interactive STEM learning experiences for their centers across the country.

Before running Swordsweeper full-time Grant was the Chief Technology Officer of Verse Media, an interactive video platform; Director of Development Operations at National Geographic Society; Senior UI/UX designer at MSNBC.com/NBC Universal; and Director of User Experience Design for an EduTech company in Nashville.

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