David Fischer, Art College Advisory Board Member, Illustration, Amazing Figure Modeler

David Fisher

Painter, Sculptor, Owner/Publisher/Art Director

David Fisher is currently the Owner, Publisher, and Art Director of Amazing Figure Modeler magazine. AFM is a popular hobby magazine for the scale-modeling enthusiast and is now in its 26th year of publishing. Previous to that, David enjoyed running a small advertising agency and years of freelance work, and with his knowledge of illustration, photography, and graphic design, parlayed those experiences into running a publishing business.

Strangely enough, his pastime hobby of scale figure painting gained him a reputation as one of the best painters in the industry. Soon, many collectible statues and model manufacturers were hiring him to paint their prototypes for packaging and paint masters for production in China. David was also approached to do the ModelMania™ series of instructional painting DVDs for the hobby market.

David’s many clients include Tweeterhead, DC Comics, Sideshow Collectibles, Hard Hero Enterprises, Blizzard Entertainment, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Amok Time, and others.

“I guess one could say of my career that I’m the poster child for wandering off the beaten paths and forging my own way. When I was in art school, I double majored in illustration and graphic design and minored in photography. I would have never foreseen that I would be painting prototypes and designing packaging for the collectible markets, but all the educational knowledge I gathered has played an important part in my journey. Skills learned at an early age have guided me to where I stand today. My philosophy is never turn down an opportunity to try something new.”

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