The aim of this course is to advance the student’s skills in visual communications through the use of photography in single images or stories. Communication is the ultimate aim of photography and better communication skills make better photographers. Students will be expected to produce single images and stories on their own time for critique in the classroom and through that critique to improve their communication skills. The class will place emphasis on the skills and techniques of shooting images that engage and communicate with the reader. Students will be expected to have basic skills necessary to operate in the real world where available darkness is the rule and studio lighting gear is the exception. Students will be encouraged to step outside their comfort zone for stories and individual images and discouraged from photography involving friends and family. Rarely will a student be discouraged from a story because it is too difficult although instructors will point out potential problems. In light of this, students will probably experience frustrations and failures while attempting difficult projects and, in some instances, more credit may accrue from a failed attempt at a difficult essay than from a successfully completed story completed in the comfort and safety of friends and family. Since communication implies an audience, students will be encouraged to submit images and stories to various publications in both digital and print formats. Whenever possible students will be given assignments to shoot for various school outlets and will be credited for completed assignments.

Associated Programs

This course is currently not associated with any programs.

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