Currently, we are well past consideration of the Mobile experience as an afterthought. Mobile device Internet usage has now eclipsed desktop usage, with no indication of the trend’s reversal. Recent statistics indicate mobile media time has increased to 51 percent compared to desktop’s 42 percent, with the average user spending more than 37 hours a month using applications on a mobile device. For a developer, this makes the ability to create functional, content-driven experiences for the mobile device a necessity rather than novelty. In this course, students will be primed in the various technologies for creating both hybrid and native applications, as well as gain an intermediate understanding of cross-platform development with HTML5. In this introductory course, the students should better understand the constraints, limitations, and advantages of developing in the mobile arena. By the end of this course, students will be able to prototype, develop, and deploy to a device a functional hybrid application.

Associated Programs

This course is currently not associated with any programs.

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