Interactive Design represents a critical and rapidly evolving construct of the overall Internet user experience. Pacing with current industry standards means evolving beyond static web content to web pages and applications that can offer more dynamic user experiences with interactivity and animation. While the concept of Interactive Design embodies a broad spectrum of techniques and methodologies, the scope of this class will be limited to those most prevalent for basic web design. Students will expand on their Prerequisite knowledge of Web Language I to gain proficiency in basic Javascript, related libraries such as jQuery, and additional CSS and HTML technologies. Currently, Interactive Design is in a state of rapid maturation. In keeping with this, students will learn a number of different relevant toolsets for developing interactive content, from code editors to graphical integrated development environments. By the end of this course, students will have built their own web applications, animations, widgets, advertisements and other interactive content for multiple platforms and devices through the use of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Associated Programs

This course is currently not associated with any programs.

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