Digital Photography Certificate Program

Whether you want to jump-start your career as a professional photographer or take your photographic skills to the next level; this 4-month program is for you.

This Certification is in Partnership with Dury's Camera Shop.

Digital Photography in 16 Weeks!

Nossi College of Art’s Digital Photography Certificate is relevant for hobbyists looking to enhance their photography skills and knowledge as well as entrepreneurs wanting to become photography professionals. The courses cover how to take better images through visual techniques and technical proficiency. Students will learn essential photography productivity tips including how to use Abobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

Whether you want to jump in to begin a new career as a professional photographer or are interested in taking your photographic skills to a new level, this certificate program is designed for you.

This four-month program gives student advanced camera instruction, basic knowledge of Photoshop (for toning) and Lightroom (a database), studio lighting experience and access to Nossi’s incredible facilities, boasting the largest instructional studio in the Southeast.


Is Nossi’s Digital Photography Certificate Program a good fit for you?

The Digital Photography program is for:

Individuals interested in transitioning into fields of professional photography, hobbyists looking to refine their skills, business-minded individuals boosting their start-up image or any number of other careers under the photography umbrella.

An important element of Nossi’s Photography Certificate is our partnership with Dury’s, a Nashville photography company established in 1882, dedicated to helping photographers’ learn more about their craft including understanding their photo equipment.

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Quick Look

Program Length:

  • 16 Week Certificate Program
  • One Night Per Week
  • 2018 Certificate Program Dates Coming Soon 
  • + Open Studio Times

Tuition includes:

  • Use of Nossi’s expansive studios
  • Use of Nossi’s professional equipment
  • Training from our professional faculty
  • Learn at an accredited institution with a track record for award-winning photo work
  • A email address


  • $4,950
  • $100 non-refundable registration fee
  • Half down before class start, monthly payments on tuition balance if needed

Digital Photography Course Outline

  • Digital Photography Certificate Courses
    listed by week and course
  • 16 Week Program
  • WEEK 1
    Introduction to your Camera

    Learn about basic camera operation, exposing your photos and get an introduction to the studio where you will be working over the coming weeks

  • WEEK 2

    Understand lighting, available lighting and depth of field

  • WEEK 3
    Lenses and Camera Raw

    Understand focal length and perspective when picking the best lenses for your needs. There will also be an intro to camera raw and its relevance. 

  • WEEK 4

    Understand the key elements of composition by exploring how to design the best possible photograph 

  • WEEK 5
    Photographing People

    Learn how to photograph people with complimentary lighting

  • WEEK 6
    How to Cover an Event or Wedding

    Learn how to prepare for weddings including best equipment to use and techniques for capturing those special moments. 

  • WEEK 7
    Nature Photography

    Learning how to photograph nature, landscapes and the best camera functions and features

  • WEEK 8
    Black and White Photography

    Learn techniques to comprehend the basics of black and white photography 

  • WEEK 9
    Adobe Lightroom

    Understanding the importance of Lightroom as a photographer’s tool for organizing images

  • WEEK 10
    Advanced Lightroom

    Using Adobe Lightroom to develop your photos

  • WEEK 11
    Understanding Photoshop

    Overview of Photoshop, setting up your workspace and reviewing preferences in Photoshop

  • WEEK 12
    Advanced Photoshop

    Learn about advanced techniques in Photoshop like creating composite images, rasterized images, scaling, aligning, using layers and layer groups

  • WEEK 13
    Light Sources

    Understanding light sources, electronic flashes and be prepared for in-studio demonstrations

  • WEEK 14
  • WEEK 15
    Studio Access

    Put your skills to the test by hosting a photo shoot with models, hair and makeup

  • WEEK 16
    Portfolio Review

    Wrap up portfolio event. 

Who you'll be learning from

Tom Stanford

Photography Coorindator

Nossi's extensive photography curriculum is taught by working photographers so our students enter the workplace with the confidence of a professional. For students who want to pursue photography, they'll work in the best educational studios in the Southeast.

Tom Stanford - Photography Coorindator


  • Photojournalist
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Event Photographer
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Photo Studio Owner
  • Food Photographer
  • Advertising Photographer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Photo Editor
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Photo Retouching Professional

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