14-Week Digital Photography Certificate Program

With over 40 years of experience teaching photography students, you can now learn essential tips and tools from our professional faculty members!

Ready to take better images?

Collaborate and Learn about Digital Photography in just under FOUR MONTHS!

This 14-week certificate program gives student advanced camera instruction, basic knowledge of Photoshop (for toning) and Lightroom (a database), studio lighting experience and access to Nossi’s incredible facilities, boasting the largest instructional studio in the Southeast.

Nossi College of Art’s Digital Photography Certificate is relevant for hobbyists looking to enhance their photography skills, industry professionals adding a new skill set to their resume as well as entrepreneurs wanting to become photography professionals.



Is Nossi’s Digital Photography Certificate Program a good fit for you?


The Digital Photography program is for:

Individuals interested in transitioning into fields of professional photography, hobbyists looking to refine their skills, business-minded individuals boosting their start-up image or any number of other careers under the photography umbrella.

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Quick Look

Program Length:

  • 14-Week Certificate Program
  • One Evening Per Week; Tuesday Nights
  • 2018 Certificate Program Dates: Starts Tuesday, September 11
  • + Open Studio Times

Tuition includes:

  • Use of Nossi’s expansive studios
  • Use of Nossi’s professional equipment
  • Training from our professional faculty
  • A nossi.edu email address


  • $4,950
  • $100 non-refundable registration fee
  • Financing available through Pinnacle Financial Partners, download your application here.

Digital Photography Course Outline

  • Digital Photography Certificate Courses
    listed by week and course
  • 14 Week Program
  • WEEK 1
    Basic Camera Operation

    In this week, students will learn multiple basic elements of their digital camera, the location of all these elements as well as proper care. This will include understanding how shutter speed, ISO and aperture relate; the use of the meter and understanding exposure. In addition to camera functions, learn about the importance of light in photography. We will begin with available lighting and how to optimize color and exposure and will move to the studio to learn basic setup and safety tips.

    LIVE DEMO: Photographing a subject with strobes

  • WEEK 2
    Introduction to Camera Raw

    This week we will show you the correct ways to use your lenses. We discuss shooting camera RAW versus JPEG and we will also go over depth of field, focal length, perspective, focusing manually and capturing motion. We will talk about the impact of wide-angle lenses versus telephoto lenses.

    LIVE DEMO: Photographing Motion

  • WEEK 3
    Photographic Composition

    A great photo comes down its composition. This week we will explore who to create the best possible photograph by highlighting the key elements of composition – taking your visual literacy to a new level.

    ON-LOCATION SHOOT: Practice compositional techniques

  • WEEK 4
    Photographing Nature

    Learn how to capture the perfect landscape scenes, sunsets, (moving) water, reflections and time lapses.

    ON LOCATION SHOOT: Local State Park (Location TBD)

  • WEEK 5
    Light Direction & Quality

    Learn about studio equipment including umbrellas, softboxes, beauty dishes and grid spots. We will also go over accessory lights for hair and background lighting.

  • WEEK 6
    Light Sources

    This week, we will learn about your camera’s flash. We will discuss different types of flash units, techniques for controlled lighting, painting with a portable flash as well as advantages and disadvantages for electronic flashes.

    LIVE DEMO: Model shoot in Studio A

  • WEEK 7
    How to Cover and Event or Wedding

    This week we will dive into events (and weddings) including how to prepare, your equipment needs and problem-solving skills. We will also discuss techniques for capturing that perfect moment and correct positioning to find that perfect moment.

    LIVE DEMO: Bridal Studio Shoot

  • WEEK 8
    Black and White Photography

    Learn techniques to comprehend the basics of black and white photography like metering your subject, finding the right tonal range and infrared photography.

    ON LOCATION SHOOT: Downtown Nashville

  • WEEK 9
    Adobe Lightroom

    Understanding the importance of Lightroom as a photographer’s tool for organizing images. Learn basics including importing images, workflows, organizing images, renaming and converting images to preferred formats. You will also learn about Metadata and its importance for images in the digital era.

    APPLICATION: Working on photos you already captured in this certificate program.

  • WEEK 10
    Developing Photos in Lightroom

    This week, you will learn even more about Adobe Lightroom: white balance, Histogram, cropping photos, creative edits and even editing multiple photos at once. You will also learn about exporting and saving images as JPEGs.

  • WEEK 11
    Adobe Photoshop

    This week we will explore Adobe Photoshop and set it up so you can begin editing your images. You will review your controls, set up your workspace, and review your preferences.

  • WEEK 12
    Advanced Photoshop

    This week we will take what we learned last week and expand upon that information. From creating composite images, working with vector shapes and layer masks. We will discuss how to retouch damaged images as well as learning how to manipulate pixels and add text.

  • WEEK 13
    Photographing People

    Learn to keys to successfully photograph people and get time in studio to practice. We will cover the following topics: faces, babies, couples and posing tips.

    LIVE DEMO: Interacting with and posing models

  • WEEK 14
    Student Work Review

    This will be a free day to work in studio and ask questions. Students are welcome to bring their own models, children, family members, etc. As you work in studio, students will have a one-on-one review time with instructors.


Who you'll be learning from

Tom Stanford

Photography Coorindator

Nossi's extensive photography curriculum is taught by working photographers so our students enter the workplace with the confidence of a professional. For students who want to pursue photography, they'll work in the best educational studios in the Southeast.

Tom Stanford - Photography Coorindator


  • Photojournalist
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Event Photographer
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Photo Studio Owner
  • Food Photographer
  • Advertising Photographer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Photo Editor
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Photo Retouching Professional

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