Digital Photography Certificate Program

Whether you want to jump start your passion into a career as a professional photographer or take your photographic skills to the next level; this program is for you.

Digtal Photography Program Description

Nossi College of Art’s Digital Photography Certificate is suitable for hobbyists looking to enhance their photography skills and knowledge as well as entrepreneurs wanting to become photography professionals. The courses cover how to take better images through visual techniques and technical proficiency. Students will learn essential photography workflows and how to use Abobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

Whether you want to jump in to begin a new career as a professional photographer or are interested in taking your photographic skills to a new level, this certificate program is designed for you. 

This four-month program gives student advanced camera instruction, basic knowledge of Photoshop (for toning) and Lightroom (a database), studio lighting experience and access to Nossi’s incredible facilities, boasting the largest instructional studio in the Southeast.


Is Nossi’s Digital Photography Certificate Program a good fit for you?

The Digital Photography program is for:

Individuals interested in transitioning into fields of professional photography, hobbyists looking to refine their skills, business-minded individuals boosting their start-up image or any number of other careers under the photography umbrella.

Quick Look

Program Length:

  • 16 Week Certificate Program
  • One Night Per Week
  • + Open Studio Times

Tuition includes:

  • Use of Nossi’s expansive studios
  • Use or Nossi’s professional equipment
  • Training from our professional faculty
  • Learn at an accredited institution with a track record for award-winning photo work
  • A email address


  • $4,950
  • $100 non-refundable application fee
  • Half down before class start, monthly payments on tuition balance if needed

Digital Photography Course Outline

  • Digital Photography Certificate Courses
    listed by week and course
  • 16 Week Program
  • WEEK 1
    Basic Camera Operation

    • What is digital camera?
    • Different parts of a digital camera and location of those parts. Proper camera and equipment care

  • WEEK 1
    Exposing Your Photos

    • Overview of camera functions responsible for making an exposure shutter speed, aperture, ISO
    • Understanding your camera’s meter.
    • Understanding a correct exposure (look at examples)
    • Exposure Triangle: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO (how to make an accurate exposure)

  • WEEK 1
    Introduction to the Studio

    • Shooting a subject with the strobes

  • WEEK 2

    • Phos-Greek meaning “light” or “photographic”
    • It’s importance in photography
    • Understanding available light and how to optimize color and exposure
    • Defining shapes

  • WEEK 2
    Depth of Field

    • Exposure Triangle – Understanding how shutter speed, ISO and aperature relate.

  • WEEK 3

    • Focal length and perspective
    • How the lens affects depth of field
    • How to focus manually
    • Motion
-Stopping it
-Panning to enhance the sense of speed
    • Telephoto to compress

  • WEEK 3
    Introduction to Camera Raw

    • Never shoot in jpeg
    • What if your card becomes corrupt, recovery with PhotoRec

  • WEEK 4

    • Understanding composition
    • Rule of Thirds
    • Unique perspectives
    • Stable/level camera, tripod use
    • Creativity in photography (establishing your point of view)
    • Extended Depth of Field

  • WEEK 5
    Photographing People

    • Faces
    • Babies
    • Couples
    • Posing tips

  • WEEK 5
    Complementary Lighting

    • Backlighting
    • Using reflectors to control light

  • WEEK 6
    Photographing Nature

    • Landscapes & Sunsets
    • Slow shutter speed when photographing water
    • Reflection
    • Panoramic Stitching HDR
    • Timelapse

  • WEEK 7
    Black and White Photography

    • Metering your subjects-18% gray
    • Zone System-How to expose so the tonal range is correct
    • Infrared photography

  • WEEK 8
    Photo Essay – Telling a story with images

    • Overview
    • Close-up
    • Medium shot
    • Portrait
    • Emotion
    • LIFE magazine and contempary online publications.

  • WEEK 8
    History of Photography Look at the Masters

    • Cartier-Bresson
    • Alfred Eisenstaedt
    • Ansel Adams
    • Margaret Bourke-White
    • Dorothea Lange
    • James Nachwey
    • Diane Arbus

  • WEEK 9

    • Getting your photos into Lightroom
    • Basic workflow for saving and viewing images
    • Organizing your photos
    • Customizing the Lightroom interface
    • Create a Metadata template
    • Copy RAW format images from your camera
    • Convert the images to DNG format
    • Rename the images
    • Add Metadata to images

  • WEEK 10
    Developing Photos in Lightroom

    • Setting white balance
    • Overview of Histogram
    • Cropping and straightening photos
    • Creating black-and-white images
    • Using local adjustments in Lightroom
    • Creating creative edits within Lightroom
    • Editing multiple photos at once
    • Exporting Images
    • Saving photos as JPEGs

  • WEEK 11

    • Overview of Photoshop
    • Review of Photoshop’s controls
    • Setting up the workspace
    • Review of Photoshop’s Preferences Panel
    • Review of Image Size Window, Image resolution and Print Resolution.
    • Review of image file formats – include PSD, TIF, JPG, DNG and Camera RAW – what are they used for, how do they differ.
    • How to use resolution and color oversampling to improve scanned images.
    • Explore relative sizes of the images (amount of space being taken up) and show how to re-scale the image to become the size and resolution needed.

  • WEEK 12
    Advanced Photoshop I

    • Creating composite images, rasterized images, scaling, aligning, using layers and layer groups
    • Working with vector shapes layers, compositing with smart objects, using filters and adjustments, creating an artistic background, outputting files.
    • How to use small, low-resolution images, creating complex scalable vector shapes, compositing images as Smart Objects, creating and modifying selections and layers masks, applying filters and effects, developing backgrounds

  • WEEK 12
    Advanced Photoshop II

    • Photoshop Retouching damaged images, correcting lighting problems, correcting color problems, preparing images for print, working with HDR Images
    • Creating new files, manipulating pixels, working with text, creating style layers, working with 3D
    • Creating a complex selection, compositing complex selections, working with spot channels

  • WEEK 12
    Advanced Photoshop III

    • Cleaning and adjusting images, working in perspective, working with lighting.
    • Preparing the workspace, filling solid areas, painting with brushes, working with patterns.
    • Converting images from bitmap to RGB, loading custom swatch panel to access approved colors, using fill and stroke techniques, using brushes to create detail, using blend brush modes for special effects, creating and applying custom patterns, setting brush options to randomize brush strokes.
    • Automating repetitive tasks, editing layers for visual effect, building frame animations, slicing the page

  • WEEK 13
    Light Sources

    • Diffuse
    • Specular

  • WEEK 13
    Electronic Flash

    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • Different types of flash units

    • Techniques for controlled lighting with flash
    • Painting with portable flash

  • WEEK 13
    In Studio Lighting Demo

    • One Light Set
    • Two Light Set
    • Three Light Set
    • Four Light Set

  • WEEK 14
  • WEEK 14

    • Umbrellas
    • Softboxes
    • Deauty Dish
    • Grid Spot

  • WEEK 14
  • WEEK 14
  • WEEK 15
    Putting what you’ve learned into practice

    Model shoots in Studio A & B
    Post production of your image in Photoshop

  • WEEK 16
    Final Week / Program Wrap

    • Student work portfolio review
    • Wrapping up
    • Answering questions

Who you'll be learning from

Grant Lovett

Photography Coorindator

Nossi's extensive photography curriculum is taught by working photographers so our students enter the workplace with the confidence of a professional. For students who want to pursue photography, they'll work in the best educational studios in the Southeast.

Tom Stanford - Photography Coorindator


  • Photojournalist
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Event Photographer
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Photo Studio Owner
  • Food Photographer
  • Advertising Photographer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Photo Editor
  • Freelance Photographer
  • Photo Retouching Professional


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