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Helping Creatives become Commercial Artists for over 45 Years.

Nossi College of Art began as a fine art school in 1973 and transformed into a nationally-accredited, professional collegiate institution. With a focus on technology, business, and marketing, we equip artists like you to become successful in your future creative careers.

Who Is Ms. Nossi? 


Hands-On Learning with Nossi All Access, a project-based internship program

Nossi All Access is an *award-winning student services office dedicated to connecting our creative students to clients, projects, and events around Nashville. As a student, you get to work on unique, real-world projects while sharing your ideas with a variety of clients.

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FOUR Reasons to Choose Nossi College of Art

Culinary arts scholarship

Start Degree Courses Day One

Most colleges require you to complete general requirements (Gen Eds) BEFORE you can take your degree courses. Not only does Nossi require fewer Gen Eds but you can start your degree courses in your first semester.

Culinary arts scholarship

Financial Aid & Scholarships

We offer numerous Scholarships and Financial Aid Assistance programs to help you. If you're a TN Hope, TN Promise, Kentucky KEEs recipient, or you have ProStart experience in culinary, you already qualify.

Culinary arts scholarship

Award-Winning All Access Program

Nossi All Access gives you a chance to pursue exclusive, real-world creative opportunities before you complete your degree at Nossi College of Art with project-based internships.

Students like you get insider access to events, will work alongside Nashville’s creative elite, and build a portfolio filled with brag-worthy work. *Nossi All Access was awarded the Excellence in Student Services in 2017 from our accreditor, ACCSC.

Culinary arts scholarship

Job Placement Assistance

Our Career Services team assists students and graduates with portfolio & resume assistance, interview preparation, job listings, and more...for life! Your success during and after college is the most important thing for us.


work with clients & local events:


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