Why You Should Be A Video Student at Nossi

The Bachelor’s Degree in ​Video and Film at Nossi College of Art highlights an emerging trend in video, incorporating graphic elements like motion graphics to short-format film. Video professionals are now being asked to do more with advances in technology, like uploading content directly to the web and understanding how to use graphics within video.

Nossi’s degree program concentrates and goes more in-depth on video to enhance a student’s skillset by deepening their understanding of the industry. In addition to fundamentals like writing, shooting, editing and directing, Nossi College also teaches design, marketing and business courses to increase proficiency.

“Talking to the local industry was a vital part of setting up this program,” said Cyrus Vatandoost, Executive Vice President of Nossi College. “We were surprised to find a ‘sweet spot’ for video and production was the understanding of web, coding, motion graphics and a little bit of design in addition to ​Video and Film’s foundation.”

Video evolved from Nossi College’s rich history in photography. Created in 2000, Nossi College was one of the few colleges teaching commercial photography. Seven years later, Nossi modified the curriculum to account for digital photographs while film photography diminished. Nossi College began teaching video to photo students to help diversify their portfolio.

Video by Steven Webster of Nossi Photographer, Dusty Draper

“Through teaching video for photographers, we realized there was a need to teach short format video in this area because we already have local colleges teaching long format film,” reiterated Vatandoost.

Hans Chilberg, Video Program Coordinator at Nossi College, agreed and added, “A lot of what is happening now is businesses are needing documentaries, commercials and promotional videos. We are giving students a foundation to stay in Nashville and start their own production companies.”

In Nossi’s introductory courses, students engage in basic, technical skills, brainstorm ideas and work with pre-and post-production methods. In the bachelor program, 24 classes are dedicated to understanding the video industry by learning about different industries, marketing needs, business opportunities and video techniques. Each semester, students progress into more specialized development and an entire semester will focus on each of the following: creating documentaries, commercials, shooting TV and Film, marketing and business, field production techniques and cinematic techniques, to name a few. Being in studio and on location allows students a hands-on experience.

When designing a new curriculum, Nossi College is often asked how or why they create certain courses. Through advisory board members and industry professionals – Nossi’s team asks for help to ensure curriculum matches the needs in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. Discovering what students don’t know by graduation allows Nossi to fill a vacant niche in this demanding industry. Snap Shot Interactive, Make It Pop Creative and Skydive Films are several companies Nossi consulted. Afterwards, Vatandoost began understanding a bigger picture for Nashville’s needs.

Music, Healthcare, Insurance, Tourism and Education are just several industries flourishing in Nashville. If Mayor Karl Dean, Film and Television advocates and Nossi College of Art have anything to say, Video and Film will be a major industry player soon, too.

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