What Can You Do with a Degree from Nossi?

Once you’ve completed your degree, you’ll be ready to join Nashville’s creative scene. Below is only a partial list of positions held by Nossi Alumni, as well as companies our Alumni have established careers in.

Positions Held by Nossi Grads:

  • Creative Services Manager
  • Muralist
  • Book Illustrators
  • Freelance Directors
  • Creative Executive
  • Producers
  • Senior Editors
  • Production Coordinator
  • Film Equipment Manager
  • Cinematographers
  • Production Assistant
  • Commercial Photographers
  • Interactive Developer
  • Wedding Photographers
  • Lead Package Designer
  • Website Designers
  • Production Assistant
  • SQL Developer
  • Videographers
  • Assistant Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Art Director
  • Creative Directors

Companies and Organizations Employing Nossi Grads:

Harley Davidson
ME Productions
Paxton Media Group
Blue Moon Brewing Company
Nashville Scene
NC2 Media
Fleet One
Pro Sports Etc.
Hudson Yards
Famous Footwear
Jostens Publishing
Lifetouch Studios
Snapshot Interactive