Week 7, Day 31 – 35, 45 Days of Giving

Welcome back to Week 7 of our 45 Days of Giving! See Days 31 – 35 below! 

In the fall of 2018, Nossi College of Art is celebrating our 45th anniversary, and we decided to do 45 acts of creative kindness for local classrooms, non-profits, church groups. Nashville and the surrounding communities have been supportive of Nossi College and the impact we wanted to make on this area, so in return, we wanted to feature 45 acts of thankfulness.

If you haven’t already, check out our previous blog for Week 6 to get all the action!

Day 31: Ivanetta H. Davis Early Learning Center

Ivanetta H. Davis Early Learning Center is a child- and family-centered public preschool. What’s unique about this preschool is the children’s growth and development are supported through the studies of the Creative Curriculum. Each day, students focus on literacy, math, social studies and science while also receiving social and emotional learning through experiences in the garden, the library and art classes. Teaching students through STEAM is very important for Nossi College and we were thrilled to stock their classroom with markers, crayons, crafting supplies and plenty of glue to hold it all together!

Photos by Blake Russell

“Early learning lasts a lifetime.” – Ivanetta H. Davis Early Learning Center

Ivanetta encourages families to visit and play often and to be engaged in their student’s life – both in and out of the classroom. To support Ivanetta preschool please follow this link. Shout out to Pencil Foundation for helping coordinate the efforts. Learn more about Pencil and how the support area Tennessee schools here

Day 32: Madison Middle

Coming to a bright and colorful school makes attending classes that much more enjoyable. Madison Middle has some great murals and we wanted to give you a snapshot of their space! Nossi photographer, Blake Russell, stopped by Madison Middle to check out their school and meet some students and teachers.

Students attending Madison Middle end up at Hunter’s Lane High School to continue their education. Nossi College is a big supporter of Hunter’s Lane High School and the creative education taught there. We are a business partner for the Design and Tech Academy and want to support all students at Madison Middle before finding their future at Hunter’s Lane. 

Photos by Blake Russell

“We want all people who enter our doors to realize they are important to us and that we will listen.”

Love what you see here and want to help make an impact as well? We know Madison Middle would love to hear from you. Click here to connect with Madison Middle.

Day 33: Poverty and the Arts

Poverty and the Arts (POVA) is a nonprofit in Nashville giving hope to the homeless. They equip people impacted by homelessness with the creative resources, training and a marketplace. All of these resources help overcome barriers to employment and income by leveraging their creative talent so they can participate in developmental workshops and establishing networks and relationships.

Nossi College wanted to provide gallery space to their artists while hosting an artist reception on Thursday, November 1 at 5:30 (RSVP HERE!). We really hope you can stop by, meet some of the artists (donate a few art supplies) and maybe buy that perfect holiday gift for the person who has everything!  We will be set up in the Ira Gallery and the exhibit will be available until the end of December.

I want to attend a party! – RSVP here for the Artists Reception or RSVP here for our 45th – during both parties, the work will be on display!


Poverty and the Arts is a social enterprise providing supplies, studio space, training, and a marketplace for artists impacted by homelessness to create and sell artwork, as well as gain valuable entrepreneurial and social skills which helps them earn creative income, access higher-waged employment, increase their housing stability, and build the necessary security nets to remain out of homelessness.

Day 34: Sumner Teen Center

The Sumner Teen Center is a safe space for Sumner County middle and high school students to hang out after school, work on homework and learn about new skills and opportunities for high school and college. We have been lucky enough to partner with them on a mural and multiple photography projects. When we found out they had a Golf Scramble in October, we thought it would be a great experience for our photographers to give back.

Nossi student photographer, Kristopher Dowlen, and videographer Daniel Gonzalez, traveled on site to capture their Golf Tournament. Check out a few shots from Kris: 

Photos by Kristopher Dowlen 

Video created by Daniel Gonzalez:

The Sumner Teen Center is a positive place for young adults to get and stay engaged. Want to learn more or get more involved with this Center? Click here for details about volunteering or if you want to donate dollars, click here.

Day 35: East Nashville Hope Exchange

Is this Deja Vu? You may have seen last week that we supported East Nashville Hope Exchange with images of their Saturday workshop. As with most creative projects, we always like to collaborate with multiple degree programs so students understand how to collaborate outside of class. Shout out again to Daniela Dominguez for capturing images so Pam English can begin designing a brochure to help this nonprofit get their message out! Pam is working on-one-one to design the brochure and help with getting it printed in a professional way!

Pam English – Follow her on social media!

Love what East Nashville Hope Exchange is doing – you can get involved as well, click here to donate and make a direct impact to this nonprofit.