2018 Graduation Ceremony

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Nossi College of Art’s 2018 Commencement Ceremonies will take place at Goodpasture Christian School in Madison, Tennessee, on Saturday, June 2 at 1 PM. The festivities start earlier in the day for soon-to-be graduates as we get portraits out of the way before the ceremony. We are excited to invite alumni photographer, Jennifer Pinckney of JP Productions back to take ceremony portraits and photos. Dr. Byron Edwards, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Nossi, has invited Dr. Regina Henry, a local, higher-education professional and academic powerhouse, to be this year’s commencement speaker. Dr. Henry’s unique connection with Nossi College involves her commitment to helping shape Nossi College’s first master’s program in Instructional Design and Technologies -launching Spring 2019. Dr. Henry graduated with a doctoral degree in Leadership and Professional Practice and has two additional master’s degrees. She brings strategic insight to Nossi College’s Masters Advisory Board. Dr. Henry was recognized for her Support of Student Academic Excellence and received an Engaged Professional Award.  Both awards speak to her passion for making a difference in student success in higher education.  “Dr. Henry is an accomplished individual who, because of her own creative experiences, will give excellent advice to our graduates,” said Dr. Edwards.

Special Edition: Nashville Honors Nossi

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This is a big year for Nossi Vatandoost. The college she founded is celebrating 45 years of graduating creative professionals in the Nashville area. Her team is launching certificate programs to help grow skills for creative and tech industries in the region this fall. They are also planning a Spring 2019 Master’s Program launch with the guidance of nine area business professionals. And now the City of Nashville has officially recognized Ms. Nossi and Nossi College of Art in a 2018 Public Resolution.  This city has blessed our family more than I can ever have dreamed of – Nossi Vatandoost Each council member is only allowed to present two resolutions each year. Nossi Vatandoost was nominated by Nossi College of Art’s Metro Councilmember, Nancy VanReece. VanReece worked behind the scenes so everything could be unveiled in May, a week before Ms. Nossi’s birthday. “As soon as I learned of the 45th Anniversary of Nossi’s amazing journey, I knew it was time to be sure she was acknowledged by the city she has invested her life toward making a better place to live,” said VanReece. “I am committed to seeing artists continue to come to Madison to live, learn and thrive.  Nossi has always known that our future’s success must support the creative class in as many ways as possible.” Once the Resolution was read by VanReece, Ms. Nossi and Cyrus were given a few moments to say a few words. Cyrus Vatandoost, Executive VP of the College and Ms. Nossi’s son said, “The…

UX UI Design, Nossi’s Web Design Certificate

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Story by Les Kerr Being workforce ready in any field is advantageous for those seeking employment and for employers seeking new hires who can hit the ground running. Nossi College of Art’s new User Experience and User Interface Design (UX/UI) Certificate will allow Middle Tennesseans to quickly get up to speed when they enter the modern workforce. UX/UI design is a necessity to create a better digital relationship between customers and clients. Nossi’s certificate allows students to build upon their professional development, making more desirable job recruits on a convenient, 14-week schedule. In describing User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), Paul Edoho-Eket, Web and Interactive Program Manager at Nossi, said it helps people use technology easier. That results in the user desiring to stay on a company’s website, potentially netting more revenue, interaction and customer satisfaction. “If you can make a more usable product, the customer’s going to be happy and [a business will] get more customers and everybody wins,” said Edoho-Eket. “More and more, the term UX/UI is appearing on job sites. Employers realize how important it is.” The interest and need of UX/UI designers by local employers and the tech community played an integral role in Nossi’s decision to offer this certificate. Nashville is already a center for technology. The area comprised of Nashville, Davidson County, Murfreesboro and Franklin, TN is among the top ten job markets for new college graduates, according to ZipRecruiter. More tech industries and people interested in tech careers are moving to the…

Increase Professional Development with Nossi’s Photography Certificate

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Photography Certificate Program will help serious hobbyists and company employees Story by Les Kerr The new Photography Certificate Program at Nossi College of Art will help serious hobbyists or business owners and employees who need to take better pictures for their company web sites and social media pages. Starting this fall, the 14-week program will meet for one four-hour class each week at night. Professional photography instructors will utilize Nossi’s facilities to teach camera functions, lighting techniques, studio etiquette and software programs for postproduction needs. “It’s going to be fun, intensive and we’re going to be moving fast,” said Nossi Photography Coordinator Tom Stanford. “We anticipate having very motivated students who want to come in and, in four short months, really improve their skill sets.” A major advantage for certificate students will be access to Nossi’s 2,500 square foot photo studio, the largest instructional studio in the southeast. They will also receive focused instruction to process their work in a professional setting. The course will be structured in segments that will include some beginning photography, software instruction, advanced photography and cataloging. “The idea is to shoot a little bit, learn about how to process those images, shoot more sophisticated stuff, and then learn how to do post-production in the Adobe programs Photoshop and Lightroom,” Stanford said. “Lightroom allows you to organize your photos in a logical way. It also allows you to make changes to photographs and, at any time in the future, go back and undo those changes or…

Fall Semester Starts Sept 9

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