Nossi College of Art Offers Options, Opportunities for Art Institute Students

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This December, The Art Institute of Tennessee Nashville is among 30 colleges, owned by Dream Center Education, closing their doors. After meeting with AI’s Department Chair, Phillip Lacy, Nossi College of Art Vice President, Cyrus Vatandoost, and his team at Nossi agreed to a solution helping displaced students.  Nossi College wants AI students to find the means of continuing their bachelor degree education they already began. “We are committed to talking with each AI student individually to understand his or her academic and career goals,” said Vatandoost.   “We want to help students decide the degree program best suited for them with the intent to transfer as many courses as possible. We want these students to have a positive experience here at Nossi College.”     Nossi College of Art is a private art and design school in Nashville, celebrating 45 years of teaching creative professionals this fall. Their programs are suited well for AI students because Nossi’s degree programs are commercial-based, not fine art-based, engrained with experiential learning for real-world experiences. With an easy transition of degree options, students from AI can transfer their earned credits to a bachelor program at Nossi College. With Art Institutes closing, O’More College of Art and Design moving limited programming to Belmont and Memphis College of Art closing, Nossi College of Art will fill the creative arts voids left by these colleges. Nossi College of Art’s fall semester starts September 10, 2018. Are you an AI student or do you know one who needs help?…

Illustration Professor, Randy McQuien Jr art show at TailGate Beer

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Our awesome Illustration Professor, Randy McQuien, Jr., has an official art show this Saturday, June 23 from 6 – 8 p.m. at Tailgate Beer and you want to be there!  We’re so grateful for all Randy does here at our school and what better way to celebrate him than at a family-friendly event at a Nashville brewery? His art is featured all month at the West Nashville Tailgate Beer location at 7300 Charlotte Pike until July 7, which is something Randy is excited about, “It’s great that West Nashville is gaining more exposure and shedding light on local West Nashville artists.” Randy’s art pieces are an addition to his Musician Series featuring over 15 original works and prints available for sale. “Going to school in Memphis, living in Nashville and visiting places like Chicago – music has always been a part of what I do.” His Musician Series depicts iconic musicians and the character they create on stage, whether it is a look, outfit or energy – Randy captures it. “My inspiration is not so much the music, but the character the musician creates on stage and the expressions they give to the crowd.” Also, we got the inside scoop! A few of the featured character musicians are B.B. King, Nina Simone and Freddie Mercury.  For more information and to RSVP check out the Nossi FB Event Page. If you can’t make it Saturday, don’t forget Randy’s work will be featured at Tailgate Beer until July 7 and you can…

Nossi’s Master Degree in Instructional Design and Technologies

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Written by: Les Kerr New Master Degree in Instructional Design and Technologies offered at Nossi College of Art – timely in current economy   The new Master degree in Instructional Design and Technologies offered by Nossi College of Art will allow students to broaden the scope of their employment opportunities in a variety of fields. Graduates of the degree program will be able to use their creativity and imagination to design learning techniques that incorporate the latest technologies. Those who obtain the graduate level degree will be able to design teaching and training programs for a variety of different environments. The time is right for this degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the demand for the degree will grow by 11% over the next eight years. Average pay for Instructional Coordinators and Training and Development Specialists who have earned the degree is $63,000 per year. The median annual salary for Training and Development Managers jumps to $108,250. According to Dr. Byron Edwards, Vice President for Academic Affairs, there are simply not enough people with this Master’s degree to accommodate the needs of the current job market. “The demand is very high right now,” he said. “When I started designing the program, one of the things I had to do was to look at what the demand was and what kinds of jobs were available. I’ve been surprised at the demand.” Dr. Regina Henry, Academic Director of Undergraduate Programs in the College of Professional Studies at Lipscomb University, agrees….

Congratulations to the 2018 Nossi Grads!

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Congratulations to the Class of 2018 Nossi College of Art graduates. Saturday, June 2, was a celebration of all things creative as 42 Nossi College of Art students were awarded diplomas! Alumni photographer, JP Productions, captured the day as proud staff members, family and friends filled the room to honor our graduates. We are happy to announce eight received an Associates of Commercial Digital Photography, five Associates of Interactive Graphic Design, 14 Bachelor of Graphic Arts in Commercial Illustration, seven Bachelor of Graphic Arts in Graphic Design Media, five Bachelor of Graphic Arts in Commercial Photography, and three Bachelor of Graphic Arts in Video and Film. Our commencement proceedings opened with our Executive Vice President, Cyrus Vatandoost, as he introduced, his mother and President, Nossi Vatandoost. “I am certain you will be very successful in your life journey. Now is the time to branch out and put your hard work and dedication to the test,” exclaimed Ms. Nossi. No surprise to anyone – Nossi concluding her opening remarks with, “I hope you all come back to see me, don’t forget!” Our commencement speaker Dr. Regina Henry, a local, higher-education professional destroyed the stigma of a boring, college graduation speech and wasted no time getting to strategic tips for personal and professional success. Regina encouraged us to utilize “personal branding” as a tool for success and especially, the impact our “personal brand” has on others. “Think about the brand you want others to see, the impression you make on others based…

Fall Semester Starts Sept 9

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