Nossi Video Student Featured on Rolling Stone’s Website

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After being introduced to Nashville Hip-Hop artist, Mariyo Deon, J. Finney was invited to a small house party in East Nashville. “Hey, I’m shooting a video for some friends tomorrow. Would you mind bringing some of your equipment, coming by and helping?” His friends ended up being power duo, Muddy Magnolia’s, who describe their music as Mississippi meets the A-Train by way of Nashville. They performed “A Ballad of Mike Brown,” an artistic ethos created by the singers’ reaction to a controversial moment sparking protests around the country. “The Ballad of Mike Brown is not an argument,” said Jessy Wilson, one of two lead singers for Muddy Magnolias. “It’s a song, an artistic expression, a snapshot of what was felt at the time of his killing. I am not equipped or scholarly enough to have this conversation to the depth that it needs to be had, but I am an artist and I am carrying on a tradition of telling stories. As artists, one of our roles is to stimulate.” The intimate and safe setting of East Nashville allowed the artists to document a song they performed only once in three years. After singing it in Georgia and experiencing an intensely negative response, they debated and tabled the song. After three years and on the anniversary of Mike Brown’s passing, Muddy Magnolia’s knew it was time to bring it back in a powerful way. “We wrote this song two days after the death of Mike Brown. Three years later it…

Nossi Student Activities and Marketing Director, Libby Funke Luff, Wins National Award

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STORY BY LES KERR Libby Funke Luff, Nossi College of Art’s Student Activities and Marketing Director, has received the prestigious Excellence in Student Services Award from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). ACCSC is a national accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for its accreditation of educational institutions focused on educating students in occupational, trade and technical careers. The award was presented during the group’s Professional Development Conference in Reston, VA. Institutions from across the United States were considered. Nossi College’s All Access program, instituted by Luff, was highlighted in the award presentation. It is designed to help students earn real-world experience while learning their specific disciplines. This increases the potential for firmer footing in the job market after graduation. Instituted in 2012 during the economic recession, the program actively connects students with companies and organizations that utilize their skills in commercial and non-profit projects. From developing logos and promotional support for companies to documenting events in photos and videos, Nossi students began producing real-work visible to the public. “I’m excited that Nossi’s students have been recognized because they work hard to become creative professionals in this competitive job market,” said Luff. “It is their willingness to get involved and to give back to the community by using their creative talents that makes the Nossi All Access program strong.” Thanks to All Access, Nossi College is recognized as a resource by Nashville area businesses and nonprofits with requests for student involvement coming weekly. The…

Alumni Successes: Going the Extra Mile

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Mike Gribble is a creator. He has always been and noticed it especially when he looked back on his experiences and realized he’s been artistic since high school. Each job he landed, he found himself working creatively to complete each task. Even working for Southern Trophy House, he was tasked with designing Advertising Awards for local and national ad agencies. He decided to take control of his life by going back to school and earning his Associate Degree in Interactive Graphic Design. He graduated in the Spring of 2017 and now has other goals to accomplish. How did you get into Graphic Design? Have you always been creative?  I got into graphic design working for Southern Trophy House without even knowing I was doing graphic design. I was engraving and doing sublimation for customers like The Tennessee Titans. Sublimation works by creating a layout then printing it, reversed, on a special heat-resistant paper. The heat-resistant paper is taped to the surface of the item you’re wanting to have sublimated – usually brass or aluminum. It’s then placed under a heat press for 30+ seconds at around 380 degrees when the printed ink turns from liquid to a gas and is transferred onto the material. I would also work on awards, such as the Titans Hall Of Fame, which aired on News Channel 2 and think to myself, “Hey! I did that earlier today!” It was exciting to see something I created on TV every week. That same company had a…

Ms. Nossi and Nossi College of Art’s Beginning

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  Growing up in Persia (modern-day Iran), Nossi Vatandoost began painting at an early age. In high school, she developed a style for Persian miniatures using watercolor and gouache. Her love for art continued after high school, guiding her to Heidelberg University in Germany to study fine art. While in Germany, inspiration to paint landscapes and historic buildings stemmed from her days exploring the countryside. Old Europe seemed to act as a muse for Nossi. She even began adopting their traditional mediums of oil and acrylic, moving away from the familiarity of watercolor and gouache. The lure of America’s grandeur in the 1950s led Nossi to her next adventure – studying at various universities across the United States and graduating from WKU in 1970. Experiences in America drastically changed her style. Keeping with oil and acrylic paints, Nossi started using abstract subjects, large canvases, straight lines, vivid colors and the human form to express her work. Although a stark change from her early years, these modern pieces are some of her best-known work. She would revisit painting landscapes, but left Old Europe behind and kept painting with an American twist. Attracted to Kentucky and Tennessee’s beauty, she focused on natural lighting and its effect on the surroundings. Often times she would instruct her husband, Ira Vatandoost, to stop the car on the side of the interstate to take a perfect sunset or landscape photograph. Nossi College of Art began as a fine art school in 1973 and has transformed from…

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