Student and Graduate Collaborate to Achieve Recognition in Adobe Creative Jam

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Story By Les Kerr Once the competition began, all competitors had just three and a half hours to design their prototypes. The community spirit of Nossi College of Art was exemplified in the recent collaboration between a current student, Cory Harkins, and a graduate, Brandi Leath. A project created by the two was chosen a Judge’s Award Second Place UX Design winner of the prestigious and highly competitive Adobe Creative Jam in Nashville. The Jam is a two-part design experience in which design duos compete in a tournament utilizing Creative Cloud, according to Liz Schmidt, Adobe’s Senior Creative Manager. Cory is a current student and Creative Director at CRT Custom Products and Brandi is a UX/UI Designer at Parachute Media. When Adobe issued a call for teams of two designers to compete in the Jam, they decided to enter the competition using the name Team aBC. Once they were selected to compete, they learned that the project required the use of Adobe’s XD program. Brandi and Cory learned the program in ten days since neither had used it before. Before all the award excitement, Cory and Brandi take a break to capture a photo. “At noon on the day of the competition, we got the theme,” said Brandi, “which was ‘A Rising Tide Lifts all Boats.’ With that theme, we had to create an app prototype.” Cory described the prototype as, “a functioning static portion of what the app would look like. It’s not fully functional, where you could send and…

Fall Semester Winners

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It has become a semester tradition. The week before finals, graduating seniors gather to show off their hard work created during their college career. Portfolios are displayed proudly as family and friends interact and let loose. Creative professionals from Middle Tennessee arrive to check out the up-and-coming talent and hire the ones who will perfectly fit with their team.  From graduating seniors to first-semester freshman, the Nossi community gathers to end the Senior Show with an award ceremony, highlighting successes from the past 15 weeks. Each semester, faculty and select staff nominate students who stood out from the rest – those who got more involved, pushed the creative bar, tackled their grades and helped fellow students when needed. We honor students in each of our degree programs: Photography, Video & Film, Graphic Design Media, Web & Interactive and Commercial Illustration.  This fall, 27 students were nominated for six awards, several students even saw multiple nominations.  Congrats to all our winners Class Participation: Kayla Swedberg and Jaime Rock Most Improved: Bridget Turner and Carelissa Young Most Creative: Hector Mendoza and Brittney Stewart Ambassador: Ryne Anderson Academic All-Stars: Kayla Crumbley, Derek Gray, Hector Mendoza, Jordan Shumate and Brandon Sprinkles Perseverance Award: Chelsie Boyette View more images from the Senior Show and Open House by clicking here. Congrats again to all the award winners and we will see you January 8 for the start of our spring semester!

Student Honored with Maggie Thompson Phipps Scholarship

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Maggie Thompson Phipps graduated from Nossi College of Art in 2007 and was an energetic soul who could capture a person’s character and essence through still photographs. She loved photography, specifically portraiture, because she enjoyed working with people and capturing their spirit. Unfortunately, Maggie passed in 2016. Nossi College of Art wanted to honor the memory of Maggie and her passion to live on in future photographers. For the Fall 2017 semester, Nossi established the Maggie Thompson Phipps Memorial Scholarship and donated $1,500 to impact the life of a hard-working Nossi photography student. A scholarship panel led by Tom Stanford, Nossi’s Photography Coordinator, with the help of Nossi’s Admissions team selected students to submit a photograph and a one-page essay about how they intend to change the world through their passion for photography. The scholarship winner, Giovanni Silva from Hunter’s Lane High School, submitted a picture of Giovanni’s cousin playfully chasing bubbles. The photo shoot was originally intended as a portrait shoot to capture some family photos, and it turned into a playful day at the park. After his cousin took interest in the bubbles, Giovanni noticed the child’s delight. “I could see the happiness in his face,” said Giovanni. “He was just so into the bubbles, that’s when I went in for the shot.” Silva’s scholarship essay discussed how cameras have changed the word and how technology has changed cameras; however, is it the photographer behind the camera that retains all assets to creating and making an impactful photograph….

FAQ for Nossi Four-Year Promise and Nossi Hope Scholarships

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Nossi College of Art offers two scholarships based on State Scholarships given to Tennessee Residents. If you qualify for the Tennessee Promise or the Hope Scholarship, you already qualify for Nossi Four-Year Promise and the Nossi Hope Scholarships. Please contact Nossi College of Art if you have questions about either scholarship. You can also call us at 615.514.2787.  What is a Nossi Four-Year Promise Scholarship? Nossi offers a four-year Promise Scholarship for Bachelor degree-seeking students. This is similar to the Tennessee Promise’s two-year Associate degree program for students. Nossi wants to ensure talented students, who want to pursue an arts education, are not held back by community college curriculum. This scholarship is automatically given to students who qualify for the Tennessee Promise. How much is the Nossi Four-Year Promise Scholarship? The Nossi Four-Year Promise is a scholarship offering eligible students $6,000 over 11 semesters at $545 per semester. This dollar amount falls near the average tuition at local community colleges over 2 years. Who is eligible for the Nossi Four-Year Promise Scholarship? All Tennessee residents who are a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen, graduating from an eligible high school, homeschool or pass the GED/HISET exams (prior to your 19th birthday). Students must attend at least one of the four College Preview Days offered. College Preview days will be offered in the spring so students can learn about the rigors and requirements of college. Future Nossi students will automatically qualify for the Nossi Four-Year Scholarship if they qualify for the Tennessee Promise….

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