Technology Inspires Art

With technology omnipresent in our lives, artists are finding new ways to express their views on humanity. One new source of inspiration is social media including online communities like Facebook and dating sites.

“Artists are using technology to help realize previously impossible creative visions,” says Julia Kaganskiy, organizer of the “Art, Culture and Technology” group on Meetup.com.

Here are some interesting social media-based art examples:

  • Debbie Hesse created a wall installation from embroidery thread and pins to create a Venn diagram tracing the interconnection of her 500 virtual friends.
  • Rachel Perry Welty updated her Facebook status every minute for 16 hours for her “Rachel is” piece to document the arcane aspects of her daily life. The statuses were displayed on a bank of iPhones.
  • R. Luke DuBois created an idiosyncratic census of the U.S. based on the most cited emotions in cities from information taken off dating sites. He visualized the data for metaphors behind the information and titled it “A More Perfect Union.”

Have certain aspects of technology ever inspired a new piece out of you?

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