Lion Suit Dreamscape

Romance. Comedy. Sci-Fi. Mystery. Come of age again, with us, on the evening of July 23. Bring a friend or join alone, but be with us for a destruction of genre and a remembrance of dream-time conversation, for the PREMIERE SCREENING of LION SUIT DREAMSCAPE

Get Cultured: An Pop-Up Art Show

Join us on Thursday, July 21 from 7-9pm for a pop-up art show featuring four of Nashville’s premier visual artists: Troy Duff, Stephen Watkins, Brian Wooden, and Jake Elliott. Be one of the first to see and experience their latest work, ranging from fine graffiti to 8-foot charcoal portraits – pieces you won’t find in any traditional gallery. This is a free event, and we encourage you to support local artists and Southern Word by purchasing art or by making a donation to this worthy cause. With your generosity, we can enable more spoken word school residencies, after-school workshops, and youth performances; and, ultimately, liberate more students through the power of expression.

Video Coordinator Hans Chilberg Debuts Microbudget: Lion Suit Dreamscape

WRITTEN BY: intern extraordinaire

Nossi College of Art’s Hans Chilberg produces movie: Lion Suit Dreamscape Hans Chilberg’s high school fascination with stories and seeing them come to life on screen planted seeds resulting in the release of his new independent narrative feature film, Lion SuitDreamscape. The movie, described as a rare mix of romance, comedy, sci-fi and mystery, was filmed primarily in Nashville, with some scenes shot in Knoxville. Its premiere is scheduled for Thursday, July 23, 2016, at Studio 615 in Nashville. Hans, Nossi College of Art’s Video & Film Coordinator, was raised in Nashville, studied film and screenwriting in California and lived and focused on the film industry. He was particularly intrigued by the creation of the stories he saw on screen. “Stories, in general, were exciting to me,” Hans said. “I gravitated toward the art of visual storytelling in high school. I started seeing movies like Wes Anderson’s Bottle Rocket and John Favreau’s Swingers. They were low budget, and I liked hanging out with the characters. I felt these were movies about real things and that kind of woke me up.” Lion Suit Dreamscape’s story follows an ex-hero firefighter who dreams of his childhood TV hero and a woman he has never seen. When he passes her in real life, he sets out to find who she is, how and why he dreamt of her plus much more. Because of budget and schedules, Lion Suit Dreamscape was filmed incrementally. As it often happens with independent films, those involved participated in various capacities. Hans approached his friends, Brian Stone to act and Jonathan…

Producing and Directing Class Field Trip

Hans’ Producing and directing class takes a trip to the Johnny Cash Museum.

Fall Semester Starts Sept 9

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