Increase Professional Development with Nossi’s Photography Certificate

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Photography Certificate Program will help serious hobbyists and company employees Story by Les Kerr The new Photography Certificate Program at Nossi College of Art will help serious hobbyists or business owners and employees who need to take better pictures for their company web sites and social media pages. Starting this fall, the 16-week program will meet for one four-hour class each week at night. Professional photography instructors will utilize Nossi’s facilities to teach camera functions, lighting techniques, studio etiquette and software programs for postproduction needs. “It’s going to be fun, intensive and we’re going to be moving fast,” said Nossi Photography Coordinator Tom Stanford. “We anticipate having very motivated students who want to come in and, in four short months, really improve their skill sets.” A major advantage for certificate students will be access to Nossi’s 2,500 square foot photo studio, the largest instructional studio in the southeast. They will also receive focused instruction to process their work in a professional setting. The course will be structured in segments that will include some beginning photography, software instruction, advanced photography and cataloging.     “The idea is to shoot a little bit, learn about how to process those images, shoot more sophisticated stuff, and then learn how to do post-production in the Adobe programs Photoshop and Lightroom,” Stanford said. “Lightroom allows you to organize your photos in a logical way. It also allows you to make changes on photographs and, at any time in the future, go back and undo those…

Southern Halo Music Video Shoot

The band, Southern Halo, will be working with Nossi students for the second time in our large studios! We are thrilled they are returning. Southern Halo will be capturing the latest single in a music video on campus before gearing up for their big UK tour (March 17-31). They will premier their video at the Gibson headquarters in London for over 30 press outlets. Following that release 6 hours later it will be released in the USA on Rolling Stone Country, CMT and Radio Disney Country.  View more about Southern Halo here (their lead photo is a Nossi photo!) and be sure to follow them on social media. View the last Nossi Photo shoot with Southern Halo here. 

Meet Tom Stanford, Nossi's New Photography Coordinator

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Veteran photo editor Tom Stanford now Photography Coordinator at Nossi College of Art, Story by Les Kerr   Tom Stanford, Nossi College of Art’s new Photography Coordinator, brings thirty years of experience that includes managing and editing photos and journalistic art that won national awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, Gannett Company and National Press Photographers Association. A longtime photo editor for The Tennessean, Nashville’s daily newspaper, and other publications, Tom has edited and organized photos of NFL games, Presidential debates, Bonnaroo and a host of other events and stories. In addition to teaching and working with instructors at Nossi College, he will continue his work in photo editing and photography. Having already served as an adjunct instructor at Nossi College, Tom has shared his hands-on experience with students. He also appreciates the fact that the other instructors are also actively making a living in photography. “Nossi College wants instructors that are in the field doing it,” Tom said, adding that the other photography instructors offer the knowledge of current trends and practices. “Jim Brown works for USA Today Sports Images. Grant Lovett is a successful, corporate fashion photographer. Sheri Oneal works in the fashion and commercial fields. They are all ‘doing it.’” In the courses he has taught, Tom has taken students on location in outdoor and indoor environments. For a Location and Lighting course, students went to the Shelby Street Bridge at night, set up lights and photographed people who volunteered to participate. The experience not only taught…

Evolution of Yelp

Get ready for an evening that showcases the best about what Nashville was and the best that is to come. The action takes place on FRIDAY (yep, finally a Friday!), August 26 from 7 pm to 10 pm. If you attended last year’s Muse-A-Palooza, you have a sense of what to expect: this event is going to be big and we want attendees to come ready to enjoy a big evening of food, drink, entertainment, and surprises. Ready? This year we’ve assembled over 40 businesses that represent the Nashville you love and/or the Nashville you will love. This year we’re doing it at night. This year we’re doing it on a Friday so you can party as hard as you’d like without worrying about making it to work on time the next morning. This year we’re throwing all sort of action at you. You’re going to want to pace yourselves. This year, you get to experience the event of the summer for only a $10 suggested donation. Once you’ve checked in and donated (the kids — aka the future — thank you), you’re set loose to eat, play, drink, take photos, get gussied up, explore, silent auction, run around, and do anything else you’re big & bad enough to do. Covered by Nossi student photographer and videographer Joseph Ebanks

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