Going for BROKE; Introducing a New Comic Series

WRITTEN BY: lfunke

Drake Denada “Epic” joins Mathias Bartholomew Santiago “Omega” as the perfect anti-heroes, two broke ‘average Joes’ challenging themselves to become paid, professional heroes. If you have ever struggled to pay a bill in college, then you know the struggle of Broke Comic. Nossi College joins Antonio Flores II and Kenneth Brian Moore, the creators of Broke Comic. Thanks to the Memphis Comic Expo, Antonio and Kenneth were able to secure a publishing deal and Broke will be available for sale in the fall of 2018. Click here to stay up to date!  How did you come up with the idea? Antonio Flores II: Playing a massively multiplayer online game with fellow Nossi grad, Kenneth Moore, I had comical misfortunes happening again and again and my character level was so low I shouldn’t have been able to continue. It was at that moment we laughed at other misfortunes we encountered in life. Kenneth Moore: That idea concocted two broke superheroes trying to pay rent. I drew a single page of the comic at the time and laughed for a solid hour while doing it. AFII: This concept didn’t happen overnight. There were several prospective ‘super’ suits, but it wasn’t until we both enrolled at Nossi College when we started to brainstorm more ideas and made progress in the overall world design, additional characters and events leading the storyline. KM: I wrote a treatment for Comic Class when I was in school that was refined after I graduated after getting feedback from…

Alumni Success: Discovering Design

WRITTEN BY: lfunke

Meet Tyson Davis – a Graphic Design Media graduate of Nossi College of Art. Tyson, excelling in all things print and design, masters the process of taking an idea from concept to finished print on paper; an undeniable talent that he’s been professionally honing for over 5 years. Why did you decide to become a graphic designer?  Becoming a graphic designer was something that I had no clue people actually did when I was a kid. I, like most people, see ads of all types every day and never thought that someone had to build and create them. I grew up in AZ right outside of Phoenix. Growing up in that area I was heavily inspired by graffiti and street art, so I was always messing around with (don’t hate on me) MS Paint and other things that may not be of the most legit expressions of one’s creativeness… Fast forward a couple of years and you find me sitting at a desk – bored, uninspired and truly unhappy thinking I was going to become a Pharmacist. I ended up taking a creative writing class that, unknowing to me, would be the first steps toward my career as a professional designer. I had an awesome, eccentric professor who always encouraged us to be different and cared about our thought process during our journey. One day she commented on my doodles appearing on every paper I turned in, and that small, yet huge conversation to me, is what led to me leaving school…

Get the Job Conference @ Nossi with AAF

Go Headfirst! Don’t miss AAF Nashville’s Get The Job Conference at Nossi on Thursday, November 30 from 6-9pm. Hear what agencies are looking for in new applicants from the people making the decisions. Resume reviews, agency panel discussions and top area creatives will review your portfolio. EVENT DETAILS: WHAT: Get the Job Conference WHO: Students and Recent Graduates WHERE: Nossi College of Art, 590 Cheron Road, Nashville, TN WHEN: Thursday, November 30, 2017 from 6-9pm COST: FREE for students who register online at aafnashville.com by November 28, 2018. $10 per person after 11/28/17.

Career Conversation with Bohan Advertising Agency

WRITTEN BY: lfunke

Bohan is an award-winning advertising agency located in Nashville, Tenn., focusing on local and national clients ranging in a variety of industries. Two members of their team visited Nossi College of Art to host a Career Conversation, highlighting frequently asked questions including: What is advertising? How does an ad agency work? Where would I fit in? Why should women, especially women of color, pursue a career in advertising? While here, they also encouraged students to participate in Ad Women for All Women (AWFAW), a diversity and inclusion initiative launched in 2016 by bohan. This event helps to address the lack of women of color and women in leadership in the advertising and marketing fields. Bohan hosted this second annual mini-conference in October at their agency’s offices in Nashville’s Gulch district.  “Our goal with AWFAW is to create a program that advertising and marketing agencies across the country can introduce in their own markets to foster the diversity and inclusion that our industry needs,” explained Shari Day, bohan president and CEO. “Singleton Beato lives and breathes what bohan seeks to accomplish with AWFAW, and she is an incredible resource of knowledge for these young women.” The conference’s keynote address was delivered by Singleton Beato, chief diversity and engagement officer at McCann Worldgroup, a leading global marketing services company. Kaitlin Pointer, a Nossi College of Art photography student took advantage of this opportunity to learn more about being part of the agency world after graduation. “I had a fantastic time and networked with a ton of…

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