A Innovation From Indigo, Series 3 of 3

Harsh dyes are so 2013. Today’s fabric is often ordinary, cheap in quality and mass-produced with synthetic dyes. Sarah Bellos, the founder of Stony Creek Colors, is educating the world on the damage caused by synthetic dying practices, and how to replace them with natural, alternative indigo dye. Indigo is a non-edible plant used to …

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The Resurrection of Indigo, Series 2 of 3

Illustrations and story by Olivia Mamou The more we learn about the things we buy, we can not help but be shocked at what has become common assaults against nature, from our cleaning products to the food we eat. Despite harmful conditions perpetuated by the pursuit of profits, a growing number of individuals still want to …

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Stony Creek Colors Dye-ing to Make The World a Better Place, Series 1 of 3

Illustration and Story by Chelsa Schoonover The mission statementStony Creek Colors, a new startup natural dye company, is “Create a healthier and more vibrant world.” Founded by a bright, powerful and young  entrepreneur, Sarah Bellos. For such a challenging task, how does one even hope to begin? For Bellos and her team, it was focusing in on one …

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Fashion Model Open Call

are you a newer photographer who would like to see behind the scenes as a Fashion Model Open Call? July 9 from 10 AM to 4 PM. If you are not available the entire time, no problem. 

Ensemble Boutique

This stylish boutique needs some shots that will really make their women fashion product shine. Trade options are on the table. Inquire for further details.

Shopping for a Cause

Libby works at Nossi College of Art and connects students and the American Lung Association. Students offer their creative services, such as photography at their events, in exchange for real-world experience and networking opportunities. Come support a great organization in Nashville. Don’t forget to bring your friends! For more information, visit this link.

O'More Fashion Show

Fashion show taking place at O’more. Four Nossi students from NFA will be there capturing the event .

House Of Launch Party!

Nashville Fashion Alliance teamed with students at Belmont to open a new fashion-forward business on Belmont’s Campus called House Of. Nossi College of Art’s Student Fashion Group President, Michelle Donovan, met with Belmont to lend Nossi’s creative hand. We look forward to future partnerships in photography and design! Plan on attending this great Fashion Event!

Off the Record

Check out this amazing Fashion Event coming to Nashville called Off the Record. Photography and ​Video and Film students get #NossiAllAccess to this event to capture musicians, designers and attendees! Can’t wait to post images once the event is over. Stay tuned to our Facebook page! Purchase these exclusive tickets now before they sell out. …

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