Student Spotlight: Jacob Rhoades

Advancing your art skills is absolutely an important part of attending an art school, but you’ve got to learn how to market those skills for yourself too. At Nossi, Jacob Rhoades not only honed his art skills, he was also able to focus on the business side of the art world.

One of the reasons Jacob chose Nossi was the attention given to the real-world aspects of art. Having instructors who are currently working professionals outside of teaching is a major plus.

“I feel better prepared to reach out to people and customers with my work, rather than hiding behind a canvas hoping someone will notice me,” says Jacob.

In his time at Nossi, Jacob picked up some valuable experience working in the real world in the graphic design field. As a contracted artist for an apparel and promotional company, he developed hundreds of designs for tourists and local businesses. Through his time with this company, Jacob learned how to work with clients and experienced the production side of the business.

With all this under his belt, Jacob will be ready to pull together a professional portfolio to submit to creative agencies when he graduates.