Script by Nossi Adjunct Faculty Member Turns into NYC Play

Congrats to Judy Klass, one of Nossi College of Art’s adjunct faculty members, for her success in NYC. Klass co-wrote a full-length play about a couple and their fights about cyber-space issues, including hacking and leaking in the manner of Edward Snowden, Anonymous, etc. Each character embodies a stance – for or against. By the end of the play the issues are no longer theoretical for the couple; the issues are affecting their lives directly. Beyond issues of freedom and security and the internet, it is a play about the struggle to maintain a relationship with someone who views things in a very different manner.

The play also touches on some Nashville-related issues, like co-writing and pitching songs.

There will be three performances in September in NYC. Congrats to Judy for a successful script and seeing it come to fruition in New York. 

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