Nossi Teacher to Speak at Tuesday Talks

April 1st – Judith Broadbent, “Golden Days: Stories from the Middle South and Beyond”

Judith will talk about using your family’s and local history to write stories and poetry. This is important in preserving the history of an area as more and more people do not record their family stories. Help make history more interesting by collecting these stories! She will also discuss how to use Archival materials as resource materials for writing this type of story from history.

Judith’s book titled “Golden Days: Stories from the Middle South and Beyond” will be available for signing and purchase – $25 a copy. The cover is a pastel painting by Alarica Kathryn Broadbent and will be available as a limited edition signed and numbered print directly from the artist.

Our “First Tuesday at the Metro Archives” is always the first Tuesday of the month, 2:30-3:30 p.m. the Archives is located at 3801 Green Hills Village Drive, Nashville, TN, 37215. Please contact the Archives at 862-5880 or Email for more information. This event is free and open to the public.