Nossi Illustration Teacher Wins Award

Sigurd F. Olson was an American Writer and Conservationist. Much of his childhood was spent in Wisconsin, where he developed a lifelong bond with nature. He carried that bond throughout life and became an active conservationist at an early age. He wanted to teach of the importance of nature to human existence.

Because of his dedication, the Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award (SONWA) was established in 1991 to honor Olson, his legacy and to help continue the tradition of quality nature anecdotes from contemporary writers. This competition has attracted entries from some of the best nature writers from all over the nation.

Nossi College of Art is proud to say, A Place for Turtles, a book illustrated by adjunct faculty member Higgins-Bond won the 2014 Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award. This book educates readers about human action (or sometimes inaction) affecting turtles and their environment. It showcases the life of turtles - how they eat, where they live, their benefits to the planet and even some interesting facts. Readers can really feel part of the turtles's life because of Higgins-Bond's vivid illustrations.

This is the seventh award A Place for Turtles has received. It is part of a series where readers can also learn about bats, birds, frogs and butterflies.

Interested in purchasing A Place for Turtles, visit this link or buy directly from PeachTree, the publisher.

place for turtles