Nature and Our Current Perspective: Work by Shonna Sexton

Sexton describes her exhibit: “There is constancy in Nature. Our human
opinion of this constancy is often in correlation with our view of
ourselves. It follows a cycle. We find ourselves one minute dismissive
and uninterested in the natural environment only to swing full circle the
next minute to great intrigue and delight. As humans we feel many things
for nature even if we feel as though we have no opinion at all. These
feelings are innate and, in ways, ever-changing. The past few years, a
great awareness of all things ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ have come into the
public’s awareness. This art show is a celebration of that.”

Exhibit runs through March 31 at Shelby Bottoms Nature Center
1900 Davidson St. (In Shelby Bottoms Park)
Nashville, TN 37206