Meet Christopher Gunn – a graphic design alumnus from Nossi


Christopher-Gunn-Creative-Process Christopher Gunn, an alumnus of Nossi College of Art, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Art and  Design, and is currently working on several projects that occupy his time and talents.

Gunn developed his professional career in Nashville once he moved from Mobile, AL. After transferring to  Nossi College of Art to earn his bachelor’s degree, Gunn decided it was paramount to get involved in  Nashville’s creative community. He took advantage of several opportunities that Nossi grants its students –  using real artists as instructors, learning hands-on through client-based relationships and networking  possibilities to meet fellow creatives in the industry.

“Getting my degree from Nossi has provided a means of understanding programs such as Photoshop and  Illustrator,” said Gunn. “It has also exposed me to the graphic design industry and its inner workings.  Without this, it would have been much harder to break into the industry; both because of the skills needed and the doors that open when you have a degree.”

Before he graduated, Gunn utilized another important office at Nossi – Career Services – and that connection helped Gunn land his first job after college.  While talking with Dax Gomez, the career services director, Gunn discovered a job opening at Gary Musick Productions, a creative and live event production company based in Nashville. It was his talent and enthusiasm that scored him the job. Gunn is the lone-designer, involved in all aspects of the design and creative process for the company.

“I’m called in for creative meetings and people ask me advice about design and creative directions,” Gunn said. “Sometimes it can be difficult to be the only graphic designer on staff, but that is overshadowed when you find yourself taking the bull by the horns and leading the design department all by yourself.”

In addition to designing for Gary Musick Productions, Gunn also runs and manages his own creative blog – On his blog site, Gunn gives a fresh take on the creative process and offers a free course on helpful tips to find or start your creative journey. He includes advices for finding success in your career by getting insight from experts he works with in the design community.

“Nossi College of Art has armed me with the skills to bring my ideas to others,” Gunn said. “I have always seen myself as a teacher one day.”

As a graphic design professional and freelancer on the side, Gunn is sure to offer his readers a taste of what it’s like in the industry after graduation.  Be sure to check back to Gunn’s blog for other fun tips and insight!

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