Life Outside the Classroom: Books Published by Nossi Faculty

One of the unique aspects about Nossi is that we stack our faculty with instructors who are also professional artists. Aside from teaching students, Nossi’s accomplished instructors spend time cultivating their passion for creative expression. In fact, instructors at Nossi have received numerous accolades and awards for self-published books. Recognize the talent of Nossi’s faculty by paging through the following books in the library:


A Place for Turtles is a children’s book illustrated by Barbara Higgins Bond. Readers will learn about the different kinds of turtles, their ecosystems and how people can help protect their environment. The Nossi Illustration instructor has illustrated close to 40 books throughout her career.


Golden Days, by Nossi English and Literature instructor Judith Broadbent, is a collection of stories and poems from the South.


Dr. Judy Klass’ Au Pair Girl is a novel about a teenage girl who spends a month as a nanny for a family at their summer vacation home. Dr. Klass also wrote Star Trek: The Cry of the Onlies for science fiction fans who learn how Captain Kirk deals with ghosts from his past to prevent a war. Dr. Klass teaches History of Western Civilization at Nossi.


Dr. Byron Edwards, Nossi’s Vice President of Academic Affairs, wrote three fiction novels that can be found in the LRC. Lips explores the life of Elvis Presley while he is on the run from law enforcement with his “cousin.” Dawn tells the story of a couple who were separated for two decades before reuniting and marrying. Four teenage girls encounter a 400 year old horror in The Mystery of Melissa’s First Date.

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