I Fell in Love… At Someone Else's Wedding.

At the end of Wedding Photography class in the Spring semester, Nossi College of Art instructor and Nashville Wedding Photographer, John Yates put together a very special styled shoot for the students. Throughout the semester students learned by in class instruction as well as on location shoots that simulated engagement and bridal shoots. For their final shoot, Yates brought in some of his favorite vendors and models, to give the students a taste of what it is like to shoot a real Nashville wedding and gain valuable images for their portfolios.

The Lodge, one of Middle Tennessee’s most sought after venues, graciously hosted the class for their shoot.  Gorgeous wedding dresses were provided by Modern Trousseau, a couture bridal shop in downtown Nashville, making all their dresses in the USA. To top it all off, hand-made flower crowns were designed and created by Awen Knits and Designs.  Enjoy these beautiful images from the students and a behind the scenes look at Nossi’s Wedding Photography class.


I have always been attracted to weddings. I love the feel of them and I love the happiness that everyone has. Love is a beautiful thing and is definitely something that needs to be celebrated. I love the dresses, the flowers, the CAKE, the dancing and just watching two people completely commit their lives to each other. It’s a very important matter. That’s why being the photographer is one of the most important jobs to have. You are in complete control of documenting their special day. THAT TERRIFIES ME. What if I don’t get the image they want? What if I miss the first kiss? There are a ton of what if’s and I just never thought my talent could add up to all of that. That is until I took this class. It taught me to fall in love with weddings again and maybe decide to pursue a career in it. – Lara Richardson


Wedding photography class exceeded the expectations I had going into the semester. I knew it would definitely be a fun shooting class because it was taught by, John Yates, one of my favorite teachers. I had never actually shot a wedding, but I’ve always believed God put on my heart to be a wildlife, travel and culture photographer. This class, along with many other classes this semester, has let me come out of my shell as a photographer. – MaryLee


Although I love photographing people, posing has always been something I have struggled with and I think it was my biggest struggle while in this class.  I do believe that I have improved over the semester.  This class also made me realize how much I have improved as a photographer, in general.  I can really see a major improvement in myself from this year to last.  Everything about my work has improved from actually taking the images to the postwork I put in after. – Karlie Devay


Photos by Jesse Horn



Photo by Tasha Perkins


Photo by Cynthia Maier


Photo by Alexis Mostaccio


Photo by Bruce Bow


Thanks for such a great semester.  It was an honor getting to teach such a talented group of photographers and watch you all grow so much! – John Yates


John Yates wedding and fine art travel work can be seen at: http://celladoraweddingphotography.com


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