Horses, Hawaii and Children’s Books: A Look at the Career of Alum Crystal Nunley

Crystal Nunley was one of those bright, high-achieving students who was always looking to get involved in college. Because Crystal has never stopped seeking out opportunities to be successful and to develop her talents her accomplishments have extended beyond Nossi’s classrooms and into her professional career.

Crystal graduated from Nossi in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. After graduation, she helped create a successful equestrian magazine, Show Horse Magazine, which is based in Tullahoma, Tennessee. Crystal is the Chief Designer and Production Manager at this Show Horse. She is responsible for each element of the magazine’s design, from the front cover to story layout and advertisements. It’s been four years since the magazine launched and she now works remotely from Hawaii, where she continues to develop and cultivate her creative business. Despite the enormous time and effort required to maintain Show Horse from the other side of the world, Crystal says, “It’s what has made me as good as I am today.”

Show Horse Magazine is published globally, and Crystal continues to pursue opportunities to satisfy her creative itch. Aside from writing and designing a children’s book, her next biggest project involves the creation of her very own socially-conscious business in Hawaii. This proposed business, Mai Products, will feature vibrant, locally-made souvenir products; a percentage of each purchase will go towards protecting Hawaii’s wildlife. Crystal appreciates the ability to work outside of a traditional office setting, and has taken full advantage of this luxury. Each day provides Crystal with a chance to grow.

In her own words, “What’s better than that?”

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