FAQ for Nossi’s Master’s Program in Instructional Design and Technologies

FAQ Nossi Master’s Program 

When does the first class start?
We plan on beginning the first Master’s Class in January 2019 with our Spring Semester Launch

How many people do you expect to accept for this first class?
Our first class will be limited in size, and we do not expect to accept more than 8-10 total students as we want a good balance when it comes to the student to teacher ratio.

Is this an online program?
Kind of – we offer half of the program online and half of the program will be on campus. We have found a mix of in-person collaboration and online discussion is the best way to learn this program and be attractive to businesses once you graduate. It is imperative to meet and connect with like-minded people in this career field.

How much is the application fee?
Our application fee is $100, and you can complete your application here.

Is financial aid offered for the Master’s program?
We do have financial aid opportunities available for those who qualify. To learn more, please reach out to admissions@nossi.edu.

Are scholarships available for the Master’s Program?
YES! Nossi College of Art is offering unique scholarship opportunities for our Master’s Program. Did you score really well on the GRE or do you have a high GPA from your bachelor’s degree? Our Ira H. Vatandoost Academic Scholarship will be perfect for you. Are you an alumnus of Nossi College of Art – if so, we have an exclusive Alumni Scholarship that can be used towards our Master’s Program. Read more about our scholarship opportunities here.

Wait, what is a GRE and do I have to have a GRE score to enroll in your Master’s Program? 
The GRE is the most commonly required admission’s test for attending graduate school. This exam is very similar to the SAT and ACT when applying for colleges. The GRE Exam is a broad evaluation of your critical thinking, analytical writing and reasoning skills, skills developed over many years.

Yes, Nossi College of Art requires a GRE score to be assessed before enrolling in the program.

Will by GRE score matter?
Since this is a new program for Nossi College of Art, we have decided against having a set minimum score for our applicants. We will be taking into consideration all of the scores from our applicants to understand a baseline so we can begin incorporating a score minimum later.

When you apply for our Master’s program, you will not complete this info on our digital application but you will have to inform an admissions representative. Plus, if you have a good score – you could earn a scholarship!

I haven’t taken the exam yet! Is there still time?
 The best part about the GRE General Exam is the availability for taking the test. Follow this link and insert the type of test (General) and your location. There are multiple dates throughout each month through December. Typically, it takes about 15 days to receive your exam results.

Is there a cost to taking this exam?
typically this test costs $160 in the United States. COOL FACT: For the start of our spring semester program, anyone who enrolls and starts the Master’s Program this spring will be reimbursed if they took the GRE test in 2018.

Have more GRE questions?
You are welcome to reach out to our admissions team by calling 615.514.2787 or click this link for the GRE FAQ page.

Who will be teaching this program?
Nossi College enlisted the help of two distinguished faculty members, Dr. Jillian Wolf and Dr. Amy Scatliff. We plan on hiring additional staff as well. Learn more about the teachers here.

Will I need a laptop for this class?
A laptop will not be required, although it is encouraged.

Why should I attend an art and design college for this Master’s Program?
The emphasis of our Master’s in Instructional Design and Technology is about learning, specifically learning with technology. This is a battle that creative professionals see daily – staying current with ever-changing updates to programs, software, computers and other tech equipment. Creatives are ready to tackle these problems by constantly educating themselves to stay on top of program functions and trends. This program can help enhance career opportunities by offering more doors in more industries across Middle Tennessee (and the United States).

Plus, did you know there are perks to being a Nossi student:
– Educational discounts with your .edu email and student card
– Access to our Career Services Office – a lifetime perk for all Nossi graduates
– Access to our creative classes. THAT’S RIGHT – if you are seeking your master’s degree at Nossi College, you can enroll in any other class at NO CHARGE as long as you are an active student. Any class is available as long as you do not impede the path of another student’s graduation needs.
– Nossi is celebrating 45 Years of developing creative professionals in 2018. Be part of a strong, creative brand in Nashville – one of the top professional art and design schools in the region.

How much is the graduation fee?
Our graduation fee is $200.