Bob Dixon Faculty Member

Bob Dixon B.S.

Photoshop, Advanced Digital

Bob Dixon received his bachelor’s degree in art from the State University of New York at Brockport and the Nazareth College Arts Center of Rochester in the mid-seventies. During this time he studied under performance artist Linda Montano and, world-famous art/furniture designer Wendell Castle. Originally trained in sculpture, metalworking, and ceramics, Bob has worked as a musical instrument maker, a jeweler, as a historical re-enactor, and as a medieval armor maker.  He also holds an Associates Degree in electronics, which gives him both an artistic and engineering understanding of the digital photography process.

Bob and his wife, Mary, have been involved with digital imaging since 1995 when they created TechnoGraphics, a photo restoration and digital imaging company. TechnoGraphics has developed beyond the initial photo restoration activities, to include video production, freelance digital photography, and computer-generated artwork. The majority of Bob’s photographic work involves “location” shooting and is a mixture of available light event photography (mostly theatrical) and nature work. Bob’s photography and digital artwork have been on display and won awards in galleries throughout Middle Tennessee and Kentucky.

Currently, Bob is a freelance photographer, digital 3D artist, and an instructor at Nossi College of Art. At Nossi College, he specializes in teaching editing software classes such as Lightroom, Photoshop, After Effects, Digital and Advanced Digital Photography, and 3D Modeling.

“The greatest advantage to being an instructor here is working with the young people. They keep you young and make you rethink everything that you have from the past so you can prepare them for the future. Since 2008, when I started here, I’ve seen a lot of changes. Changes in the art world, in the technology, changes in this school, and changes in the students. What has not changed is the dedication this school has to the students, the faculty, and the staff. I am privileged to be a part of this, and in some small way, contribute to it”

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