New Scholarship Opportunities For Art College Students

Attending an art college is probably a dream of yours. You may be currently attending art school, or you are a high school senior researching the best art college to fit your needs. If you are looking for additional scholarships to help cover college costs, you have come to the right spot!

At Nossi College, we promote and encourage students to participate in scholarship opportunities. Below, find a list of four NEW Scholarship opportunities available – whether you are a high school senior or you are already attending Nossi College of Art! See the scholarship requirements, deadlines, and award amount below to see which best fits your needs!

1. Kappa Pi Academic Scholarships

Scholarship Requirements: Active Kappa Pi Member or Recent Graduates
Deadline: March 31, 2021
Submission Details: There are multiple scholarships, so be sure you sign up for the correct one! View Kappa Pi Scholarships here.
Scholarship Award Amount: $125 – 1,000*
1. New Initiate Scholarship | Available to all members in their first year of Kappa Pi
2. Graduating Senior Scholarship | Available to all active members of Kappa Pi in their final two semesters of school
3. Art History Scholarship | Available to all active members of Kappa Pi interested in art history

Kappa Pi Academic Scholarship
Kappa Pi Group Photo!

Are you an active Kappa Pi Eta Tau Member at Nossi College of Art? Students who were active members of Kappa Pi during the 2020 calendar year (including those who have already graduated) or students who will become active members at the beginning of 2021 will be eligible for the upcoming round of scholarships. 

2. Amanda Creation Scholarship | High School and College Students

Scholarship Requirements: 1. Art College student attending a US accredited college OR a 2. High School Senior who has been accepted into an art college for the 2021 year.
Deadline: August 16, 2021
Submission Details: Applicants must write a 300-word essay on “How do you convey the value of art and music education to those who wish to discontinue these subjects in school?“ Details about submission found on their website.
Scholarship Award Amount: $1,000*

Amanda Creation Scholarship

“We’re in search of students committed to academic excellence and the pursuit of better education regardless of what field study they’re currently taking up. As a way of giving back to the community, we’ve decided to support individuals working towards their future through education.”

3. Home Kitchenary | Out-of-State College Students

Scholarship Requirements: The Student must be attending a 4-year program or 2-year college as an out-of-state student. Second-semester freshmen, juniors, seniors, and grad students are welcome to submit their stories. The candidate should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher   
Deadline: June 31, 2021
Submission Details: Write an essay about your out-of-state experiences when starting college. Scholarship details here.
Scholarship Award Amount: $1,500*

Home kitchenary scholarship

Getting enrolled in out-of-state schools is never easy, so to help you succeed in your goal, Homekitchenary launched a scholarship program called “Share your story with Homekitchenary.“ Write a minimum 800/1000 words story describing what it was like when you moved to an out-of-state school/college.

4. NEW: Culinary Arts Advisory Board Scholarship

Scholarship Requirements: Are you an employee of our Culinary Arts advisory board member companies? If you are and you want to enroll in the Fall 2021 call, you qualify for our Advisory Board Grant in Culinary Arts!  
Deadline: July 31, 2021
Submission Details: If you are an employee of one of our advisory board member companies, then you automatically qualify for this scholarship grant opportunity. Simply inform Nossi admissions team about your advisory board connection! Download the Advisory Board scholarship.
Scholarship Award Amount: $1,500

Culinary arts scholarship

Nossi College of Art really appreciates the companies who are helping ensure our Culinary Arts program is innovative while establishing strong educational support around the vitality of the booming Nashville food scene. Our advisory board influences curriculum, offers job opportunities, teachers, and our grads. If you are in Nashville’s Culinary scene and want to be part of our advisory board? Please connect with Nossi today.

*Scholarships with an asterisk are offered by entities outside of Nossi College of Art. Nossi College is not responsible for selecting scholarship winners. Any questions about these scholarships should be directed to individual scholarship contact pages.

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