Bright Eyes of Nossi

Nashville isn’t an ordinary city, and Nossi College of Art isn’t an ordinary college.


Nossi students are exceptional students studying in an extraordinary city where no day is exactly like the next.

For students who are new to Nashville or Nossi College of Art, acclimating to the new experiences could take a little time. Luckily though, our current students have been hard at work to make the transition, from hometowns and high schools to Nashville and Nossi, a walk in the park.

Our new student-run blog, Bright Eyes of Nossi, is the solution to all of your questions when moving to Nashville and starting your learning experience at Nossi College of Art. Launched during the Summer 2013 semester, the blog has had the opportunity to capture some big events, and there are many more to come!

Want to know the best places to eat at?
Need to figure out the places to print at?
Curious about cool places to hang out in Nashville?

Bright Eyes of Nossi has an answer.

This journalistic aid for students isn’t just for reviews and advice. It’s also a great place for students to showcase their work, get more involved and get their name out there.

“I wanted this to help Nashville and the surrounding area be more familiar for out of state students,” Editor Jamie Hernandez said. “I also wanted to help students get their names out there, because this is a tough and competitive industry.”

Recent posts include student work from Bonnaroo, CMA Fest, The Package Tour and The Vinny Pro-Invitational Celebrity Golf Tournament.

For students who are interested in getting more involved at school, writing for Bright Eyes of Nossi is a great start. Getting involved is easy! The group meets monthly to discuss upcoming stories and work with the blog. For more information, contact the editor, Jamie Hernandez, at

If you aren’t a student at Nossi College of Art yet, this is a wonderful way to get a first-hand look at what our students are up to and some of the things that you can expect in the future at Nossi.

Take a look at Nashville through the bright eyes of Nossi students for yourself, and enjoy the view of our extraordinary school and city.




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